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Nearly End Of First Month!



So I called my GP today and have an appointment for my 2nd month of accutane.

Exciting stuff i know!

So far I've noticed a huge change in my skin!

The redness is pretty much gone, and atm I've got one pimple (it's a big bugger, but it should go away soon)

It's not as good as i want it to be, but it's still early, so hopefully by the end of the course i can finally get into modeling :)

staying hopeful for better skin.

I've been really depressed lately, and I'm not blaming the accutane for it.. mostly it's my lack of good friends... and being grounded sucks... but mostly it's the fact that every week i hear things people say about me, and conclude: yes, people are freaking horrible animals :)

You know that movie "Easy A" I know exactly how she feels... I'm just hoping for the ending of that movie to apply to my life.. but sadly, even if i made an online video blog about how those things people say aren't true, people would still talk.. It's like they have nothing else to talk about other than other peoples lives. They should start taking up watching TV maybe, or just getting a life of their own :) yes, that could work. Bitches


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