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Day 11- Spiro



Skin looks much better than yesterday. No new breakouts. The two under my chin have subsided a great deal, along with the one on the left jawline. Nothing new, which is a huge bonus!

After looking around on the site yesterday, I decided to do a baking soda mask. I was fearful..... but desperate. I pooured some into my measuring cup, poured in some water. I used significantly more water that what I should have, which made all the baking soda sink to the bottom, so I just scooped that up and slathered it on in a thin layer. I lightly rubbed for a few seconds, and let it dry.

Yeah, it stung a little on the open blemishes, but that subsided after a few minutes. I didnt see any immediate results, but today is nice.

I still haven't started the doxycycline again, and im glad. I called my doc and got my referral info. My appt is on thursday morning, and im quite excited about that. Im wondering if maybe ill get the spiro bumped up? Or just what he will say about it in general, since it was my suggestion. Im wondering if he will be able to put me on an oral birth control as well. I have mirena, but that doesn't help anything with acne. I actually originally got it because I was on a progestin-only since I was nursing, and wanted to eradicate alll medications to see if that would help my skin.

It didnt.

I love he spiro because its so easy to take compared to doxy. No diet restrictions (you have to watch out for potassium, which the highest factors in my diet were bananas and potatoes..... no big deal), no nausea.... nothing. Also, I think my hair has started to stay ina bit. Not 100% sure if its the zinc or spiro.... but im confident something is working. Now if something could get rid of my crazy mustache and beard im growing.....lol. Maybe I should get checked for PCOS?

Current pill intake?

50 mg spiro, 50 mg chelated zinc, and a biotin supplement, all after dinner.


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