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Like, You Know



“People always go, ‘private schools create better citizens’, but I would say they create better quality citizens. Studies have shown that students from private schools are more likely to get into uni and end up making a lot more money, while wife-beaters and rapists are nearly all public school educated. Sorry, no offence, but it’s true.” Words of wisdom from Ja'mie. This message was brought to you by a public school boy, inspired by talking to college kids "So, uh, like which high school did you go to?", "(replies with rural public high school name) oh wow, that must have been such an interesting experience. I went to (insert the name of some insanely pretentious and expensive private high school)" "Cool, well I have to go talk to this (non-rapist) over there". Ha ha, I'm just having flash-backs to my first-year of uni, I was even at a less pretentious university and got asked this question so many times. But I was only reminded of this because today: (a) I read that one of my old friends from first year IT (DEATH!!) is now going to do a PhD in Psychology, and we study at the same university now (which is odd because we both switched degrees and universities after that first year of hell and ended up studying the same thing [awesome story, huh]) and (b) we were doing impersonations of Mr. G today at cell group.

So, uh, like, you know, I for reals, went to my bosses farewell which was kind of like morning tea, but ran into lunch, and then like sunbaked, followed by an afternoon of like chillaxing, completed with a cell-group session. Not to mention my random bouts of emailing, facebooking and toenail clipping. That's like one successful first day of holidays, I'd say.

Since we were discussing goal making (and my creation of sub-sub-goals) I've decided that I'm going to have to write a schedule/goal list for tomorrow. Just so I have some focus. It will involve something about finding houses, re-joining the Gym, shopping at my favourite op-shop, learning the first page of La Valse D'Amelie and maybe even some of Op. 64 No. 2 (Oh my word, I'm in love with this song at the moment, Chopin is da shiz!). Plus reading Inheritance by Paolini.

Oh, I must tell you that I have this really annoying pimple just above my lip. And I have to squeeze it, but every time I try, I scream, and that is kind of humiliating. So I will not squeeze the pimple, I will not squeeze the pimple, I will not squeeze the pimple, I am not crazy, I am not crazy.

I also read an article by the name of "Why Beautiful People Must Suffer" today and I thought this was apt for an acne blog (since I'm feeling like a teenage girl tonight):

And the skin. Oh, the skin. Growing up is about realising, essentially, that you are not the centre of the universe. It’s a harsh but necessary coming-of-age.
The one rite of passage guaranteed to push one past self-glorification and into the realm of the real, is a batch of really bad zits.
Pimples teach you many things that will serve you well later in life.
That they appear mainly on the face, and usually in time for an important event or casual encounter with a crush, teaches you that the universe is cruel.
That they can cluster on your chin one month, and your forehead the next, teaches you that the universe’s cruelty is based in randomness.
That the more you fiddle with them the worse they get teaches you that there are things beyond your control, and that sometimes doing nothing is the best course of action.
And that the age of pimples tends to segue seamlessly into the age of wrinkles is fate’s cruellest joke of all.
But, as the Dalai Lama would almost certainly say if one were to broach the subject of engorged pores with him:
We must recognise that the suffering of one person or one nation is the suffering of humanity.
With suffering comes empathy.
Today’s girls, with their expensive washes made from the acidic bile of endangered animals, or their home laser therapy kits, or personal beautician with a flair for blackhead removal, no longer know what it is to suffer being non-beautiful.
And for that I curse you, beautiful girls. May you at least once in your life wake up to a ragged mountain range of flaming zits.

Alright, I'm going to leave you with the obvious theme-song to my life:


Recommended Comments

Yup, I agree, I went to the worst public school in Perth and look how I turned out....a total wife-beater.

Quite liked the "why beautiful people must suffer" until I got to the end. I hate broad statements such as "Today's girls with their expensive washes...blah blah blah". I think younguns today have it much worse than I did when I was in my 20's. Much less focus on looks when I was young. Thankfully there wasnt facebook to add 'beauty' pressure.

And listen here Om, why is "organise my hottest 100 song list" not part of your holiday goals? Disappointing....

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Oh I know, it certainly will be added. But it's such a daunting task! I may have to break it down into sub-sub-sub goals, and then I'll get some done.

Yeah, she did kind of ruin it with her life was so much worse back then crap.

Don't worry, it's not your fault, Ja'mie explains it all: “I think it’s a dumb thing. Like I think a lot of public school people are dumb. And I think that, it’s not really their fault, that’s the thing. It comes from their parents.

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Oh wow, I have so much like for this post. When I first came to "sub-tropical Australia" I got asked all the time which school I came from, to test the waters and see if I was a lowly public student or a private-school student that might threaten their quest for top class mark. Blegh! I'm a public school student, but where I'm from the best school is actually a public school, so this stigma on where you're educated is all new to me. Mind you, the education system here? Completely rooted. Seriously, who gives a university entrance requirement as a number between one and 25?! And the "ranking" system, which is completely biased? Ridiculous.

Bahaha! Love the ""Cool, well I have to go talk to this (non-rapist) over there" comment!! I get that all the time ;)

Also, Weird Al rocks. That is all.

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Oh, by the way? Topped the shizzle out of that class. And my year, in fact. Okay we're a small class, but still! Suck on that, pretentious, expensive, private-school non-wife beaters!

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Yeah, I totally agree. I mean the rest of the country has a rather logical 0 - 100 entrance rank. Queensland is just special. Although NSW also has a fairly biased system, tending to favour English, and weighting your marks based on other peoples marks (in the class).

Ha ha, yep, Weird Al is freaking awesome.

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Oh do they do that to? It's so stupid. Our system just ranks you against everyone else doing that course. So you can only blame yourself when you stuff up. Actually maybe that's not such a great thing...

Yup. I think my favourite song of his is Amish Paradise (love the original, love the version, love the film clip). I should really look into his new stuff, apparently he's still making them.

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