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Day Ten- Spiro



Well, my face looks like crap.

I quit taking the doxycyline... on saturday I think? Maybe ill start taking it again. Im supposed to be getting my referral to the derm today at the latest, so I may call my doc.

I have started taking 50 mg chelated zinc before bed along with my spiro. Doxycyline makes it so difficult to take anything else... youre not supposed to take minerals and such and such within 2 hours of the doxy....or drink milk, or anything with calcium in it.... its such a hassle.

I have this picture in my head that im going to get to the derm, and she is going to put me on a mino or tetra, and im going to clear up in a week like I did with the first round of doxy years ago, and be on it for a month, then the spiro is going to start working, and everything is going to be happy :D

Yeah... I also pictured my son sleeping in past 6 am this morning too......

Tally today? Its bad around my mouth (I swear its not what it looks like.....). I dont really feel like counting, but lets just say its rough. My forehead is actually clear, which is an improvement. Just back to my jawline and neck as usual. on the right, a bad spot where 2 came up, 2 on the right under chin, 2 on neck under chin, and various little spots on left.

I feel like karate chopping someone.


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