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I am so itchy. This must be penance for an evil deed I did over the weekend. Or I could be having an allergic reaction. Either way I need to handcuff myself to my desk so I don’t scratch all the skin off my back. The reaction started a couple of days ago, but at first I was paranoid it was a fresh crop of spots (it looks somewhat similar to when I started breaking out) so kept applying the Epiduo. And now it’s not improved I’m concerned it might be that that I’m irritated/allergic to.

I have helpfully attached a diagram illustrating the location of the contact dermatitis, as inspired by another member's post, which was bought to my attention by a fellow spotty blogger. Now I know it's scarily life-like, but please be assured that's not me standing butt naked in front of you, sorry. And before you ask no, that's not arm hair poking through, I have long hair!


Schematic depicting extent of contact dermatitis. Cause (irritant or allergy) of reaction remains unconfirmed.

I might just see if it goes away on its own accord, since I went to the GP just a couple of days ago (to get a referral to a dermatologist), and I can't face sitting in a room full of sick people for an hour, thumbing through dirty copies of old-lady magazines (e.g. Reader's Digest. Or worse... That's Life, or something equally as hideous) as I wait for my appointment that I was ten minutes early for. Seriously, who wants to read five pages about TV presenter's "gorgeous white and pink wedding" with a hundred photos of sickly-sweet flower girls and white chiffon-adorned tables, or how to clean your entire house with only lemon juice and saliva, or how to save thirteen cents a year by making your own toothpicks from old icecream sticks?! Not me, that's who.

In other news, my weekend was reasonably enjoyable, at least it was until I heard about some other person's exciting weekend, which totally eclipsed mine, and stole mine's thunder. Friday night I had the Poster Presentation, which went extremely well, in that it ended up with everyone standing around getting drunk, and none of us had to give our spiel that usually accompanies it. Score! This time I went straight for the red wine, with experience telling me that the beer was pretty bad, and the white was worse. There was practically no food too, which was a mistake. I think the only food I saw all night were these bland steamed chicken sates (that I think had probably had a peanut wafted over them in a previous life) and these teeny tiny cake things, which I ate a couple of before realising they were equally bland). Also, in honour of the occasion I visited my second-favourite retail place at the moment (the first being the one that gives me coffee, naturally), Cue, and bought myself a highly sophisticated pencil skirt, which was on sale, and a flattering blouse (by flattering, I mean made my boobs look amazing and at least a C-cup). I really like that shop. It costs an arm and a leg, but I can put on practically anything in it and it'll look like it was tailored for me.The only thing I don't like (besides the prices) is that they seem to use larger than normal sizing, so I always end up having to go back and try on a size smaller than I usually wear.


Posting this outfit makes me feel guilty for eating too much tonight and not going jogging... Whoops...

Anyway! So I'm having a craptastic day (like an actual break-down, call-my-mother type day, shh...), but pull myself together after work, whack on some makeup (at this stage it was just mainly damage control-I was red and shiny, it was warm enough that my makeup was sliding elegantly down my face, and it probably looked like Homer Simpson had shot me with his makeup gun), chuck on some heels and slip into my new outfit. And then waddle like a sophisticated penguin to the function room (the skirt was really quite fitted, and I'd forgotten about the whole need-to-walk thing). Once there though, it turned out all right. I got heaps of compliments on how "professional" and well-dressed I was (the ladies), and how I looked like a "sexy hot secretary" that was "about to pull her hair out" (the boys). And that almost made me feel confident and professional enough to rise above the fact that there was a typo in the title of my poster. Yup, that's right, right there for everyone to see. And judge. Dammit! Oh well. Only a few people noticed it (my old lecturer and friend gleefully pointed it out to me, since he knows what a stickler for spelling and grammar I am. Usually am. I really am, I promise!), and the not-having-to-give-a-spiel thing was a huge relief.


This is my unhealthy dinner, as requested. Spicy mushroom, ham and tomato pasta, dressed salad with sweet potato croutons. The sweet potato was easily the hit of the dinner, it was so easy and way more delicious than the pasta that I slaved over, which kind of only tasted spicy (I may have gotten a little overzealous with the chilli. Oh, and the cheese on the pasta. I love cheese).


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Why do I get so over excited when I see a new blog from you? Seriously, I almost start hyperventilating. I shall respond to your blog in bullet points....

  • When I read your first paragraph I was certainly intrigued as to whether you would divulge in what you did over the weekend that you needed to repent for. But alas, you didnt. Probably a wise move ;)
  • Secondly, when I read your first paragraph I got a little confused as to whether you needed to repent twice, handcuff yourself to the desk twice and was twice as itchy...but now I'm thinking that I was was just experiencing deja vu.
  • I snorted with laughter with that diagram. Oh god...its almost better than the original artists version, but not quite. Quite the tree trunk legs you're sporting there!
  • Outfit is bloody awesome. You know who I'm showing? Matty Matt Matt....he would love the shit out of that ensemble. All I think is missing is a black back pack.
  • Whats so unhealthy about that dinner? I might like you to ask me round for dinner some time. I know where you live now remember?
  • I love cheese too. He nice the cheese.

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Bahaha! Thanks, I totally didn't notice that! I'll have to edit it out. I mean of course it's interesting enough that you can read it more than once, but I'll leave that up to you guys to do ;)

Hehehe nope that stays between you, me and the lamp post. Gees that lamp post knows a lot of goss.

I have to admit, that diagram was a second attempt. I drew v1.0 at work (I'm pretty sure people walking behind me past my desk think I'm mixed-bag-of-nuts crazy), and the stupid thing didn't save properly (okay I accidentally deleted it, I'm retarded), so I had to redraw it. I promise you, the first one was way more authentic to the cause. It even had the scarily-detailed claw fingers.

The outfit was awesome. It's terrible though, it just makes me want to buy more clothes... Moar! I swear since my skin has been bad I have this need to overcompensate and dress myself in pretty/sexy things. Too bad I'm still completely daggy at uni though. First things first!

I love cheese and oil-based dressings (Paul Newman's light balsamic vinaigrette is to die for) too much for it to ever be healthy. Oh, and did I mention the oil on the sweet potato? No? Well that bad boy was smothered in it before he was baked, to make it crispy. And I ate it all. Muahaha!

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I'm very good friends with lamp post.....he's full of juicy details.

And who cares about oil? I put heaps of oil on my salad (no dressing is complete without it) and I probably eat half to a whole avocado a day...pppffff...i think the 'no oil or fat' thing is over-rated. Unless of course its in biscuits, cake and chocolate. Mmmmmm cake. I have a custard tart in the fridge. 9.55pm....is that too late to be eating cake?

Oh, and to be completely sexy, you HAVE to have your daggy moments. One can only be truly sexy when there is daggyness to compare it to. I'm sticking to that theory. Its a good one.

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Oh man I love avocado. If they didn't let me down so often (damn you, Coles) I would eat it most days a week too. And that's healthy fat, right?! Or healthy oil? Or something? I heard it was good for you anyway, and I'll not hear differently.

Speaking of biscuits, I finally bought myself a whisk (hand-held, so I have to earn my baked goods) to make the dark chocolate-chip biscuits. So excited! Might do that on the weekend, if I don't get a chance to do it during the week.

I love that theory! It makes total sense. Damn, I must be pretty fucking sexy, with the amount of daggy moments I have. ...That's how it works, isn't it? ;)

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Yes, that dinner is decidedly healthy, it has green stuff and yellowish stuff. Nothing is white or refined. Poor effort.

Lol, I love your drawing as well, your caption is perfect, I feel like it's straight out of some derm science journal.

"Seriously, who wants to read five pages about TV presenter's "gorgeous white and pink wedding" with a hundred photos of sickly-sweet flower girls and white chiffon-adorned tables, or how to clean your entire house with only lemon juice and saliva, or how to save thirteen cents a year by making your own toothpicks from old icecream sticks?" I ROFLed over this. They're all such interesting and enlightening stories, my personal favourites are the paranormal activity ones. I had contact with my long-lost half-brother who appeared to me at my cousin's funeral as a talking flower - my half-brother's ex wife's favourite flower.

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You know what? I'm going to start a non spotty blog on a non spotty website and I'm just going to pinch the shit out off all the funny comments you both make and claim them as my own. I'll be so popular and everyone will be in awe of my wittynessity.

I shall start it with

my personal favourites are the paranormal activity ones. I had contact with my long-lost half-brother who appeared to me at my cousin's funeral as a talking flower - my half-brother's ex wife's favourite flower.


"how to clean your entire house with only lemon juice and saliva"

Both comments are officially both mine. I've just patented.

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Haha you are easily impressed, Om! When I think of healthy food I think of my friends who do plain steamed chicken breast and vegetables, and when they really go crazy they might have half a square of carob or something. Blegh.

Bahahah! Love the talking half-brother's ex-wife's favourite flower story!! I can see the headline now;

"My family's reincarnation experience", by I.C. Dead-Peonies (oh yeah, damn I'm good, they should hire me).

You really should start a non-spotty blog, but only if you continue the current blog as well! :D :D I would let you steal my pearls of wisdom for twice the bloggy entertainment!

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