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Accutane Day Four!



I have been struggling with acne for 6 years and after going through EVERYTHING(nothing worked) I am using Accutane, 40mg every morning. I have mild-moderate but persistent acne

The first day was the worst, I felt sick and feverish, I had a non stop headache and my body hurt! ugh! I went to bed early after that.

Now that its day 4, I definitely notice my lips being drier. I've been drinking soo much water and applying aquaphor like crazy!

I use ponds for face moisturizer right now, my face isn't dry, its only my lips. I also went on a shopping spree and bought moisture bearing shampoos, conditioners, body creams and shaving cream. I use cetaphil to wash my face and I'm staying farr away from anything that will remotely make me dry!!

Wish me luck!! I'm hoping I don't get the side effects too bad, that's what I've been the most scared about. I don't want cracked and peeling lips! aghh:(


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I'm also on Accutane 40mg/day. Today is day 45 and very strange but my skin never got dry. My lips are dry but not chapped. I apply Burts Bee's and Carmex VERY often and it's all good :) I use a body moisturizer lotion after I shower and I don't even have to apply any on my face.

Also, I find that the side effects I had the first 3 weeks have now subsided (headaches, achy joints, sore back, itchy arms/legs, etc). I still breakout here and there though :(

Just apply chapstick very often and you should be good :) You can follow me on my Youtube channel at Juliebaby28.

Good luck!

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Wow, it sounds like its going great for you!! I will definitely add you onto something to watch on youtube... im glad everything is going so well!

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Do you have pictures of how your acne was before you started accutane/ while on it?? thanks!

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