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Day 19 Or So



so you know how i got that burn yesterday on my shoulders? well... its gone! didn't hurt at all last night while i was sleeping, and, i have a tan! its amazing! haha its only half way through november and I'm already browning up! thank you accutane!. so now my plan on my tan (oooo poet) is to just tan for 5 minutes maybe like every 2 hours.. maybe less, I'm not sure.. will have to find my balance. but mate am i stoked about that one...

my face is heaps better... gonna start putting sunscreen on under my foundation now, just to make sure... will have to buy a new one though, cause i didn't realize the one i have is Nivea... which i seem to be allergic to. dumb Nivea! If i end up on next top model ( unlikely) I'll go nuts cause all there goodie bags have in it is Nivea. Darn you Nivea!

anyhoe... I'm also trying to eat more healthy stuff... so atm I'm eating a salad for lunch as opposed to my usually cheesey cheesy toastie. . . am trying to cut back on smokes as well, considering all i have is 100 in the bank, and that needs to last till after christmas... (no one is getting store bought gifts from me this year) but luckily I have good bracelet making skills... you know those ones you see on tumblr? lemme find a photo :P found one! its pretty much what my wrists look like.. i have more though :P

side note: how awkward is it when you get blood tests to go on accutane and you told your doctor that you have never had depression, and nurse lady pulls up your sleeves and you got a huge amount of scars! sorry doc :s haha


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haha no i don't :P

live in New Zealand. land of kick butt rugby.. even though I'm not to concerned about rugby

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new zealand! have you ever gone to those sulfur baths? i think they're called thermal pools? lol. i see them on tv and wanna go so bad!

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haha nah I haven't.. they don't have them in my town... and I think they smell awful anyways! like farts haha

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