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Week 20, Day 138 - 3 More Days!



I cannot believe I have 3 more days of Tane - I made the huge mistake of drinking Friday night and I paid the price Saturday. It felt like a hangover times 100. I had one drink and it ruined me - I have to remember I am on 80mg of Tane which is an extremely high dose for my weight and acne severity. Anyways, three more days - I cannot wait - my skin is as clear as it can be and i cannot wait for my body to start producing oil again. I have not washed my hair since Thursday and it is so clean.

I noticed my hair is a bit thinner but I know it will grow back - I have tried not to fuss with it for the past 5 months - hardly any washing and styling with heat.


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It is best to avoid alcohol - you liver is working so hard to filter the drug therefore you shouldnt make it work any harder.

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