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Does anyone else get nosebleeds from accutane!? My next doctors appointment is in a week and a bit, so I will ask if this is a normal side effect. Man, what an inconvenience!


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I haven't gotten a full on nosebleed, but my nose has been a bit bloody. I noticed it the second day on accutane. Before I started my doctor told me of the potential for nosebleeds and if I remember correctly she told me to put very small amount of aquaphor a little up my nose. I actually just looked it up so search for aquaphor and nosebleeds and there should be some better tips on it!. I haven't tried it yet because my nose hasn't really bled. Goodluck (: As far as I am concerned it is a pretty normal side effect. Everything dries out.

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I noticed my nose seemed a bit bloody too when I was on accutane. I don't think I had a complete nose bleed though. I used to take a Q-tip with a tiny bit of petroleum and stick it up my nostrils and this seemed to help....

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