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Day 18?



lost track of my days and math doesn't interest me at the moment.

ok so the doc was right! spend 10 minutes in the sun today and burn baby burn! Summer is just around the corner and its gonna really suck with sunblock and red shoulders! I'm also moving to Hastings for a month or so, where my and Velvis (best guy mate) will be working for my uncle. Hastings is one of the hottest places in my country... my friends from there are super tanned... well some of them, Velvis is a bogan, so he's not haha... but yeah... hopefully i wont be a burnt prune when i come home.. cause i will be at the beach every weekend. surfing biggrin.png

anyways! my skin, its waaay less red, so much better... but i still just wanna stay at home and yeah. today i wore a really bright ass top to church, and some killer heals, in hopes to distract people from my face... oh and sun glasses... also as well as dying my hair, I've given myself a fringe cut too... as a distraction... kinda dumb considering the only skin on my face that is perfect is my forehead. Oh well.

oh yes, i lost my job smile.png so I am a full time bum! yay!

anyways, will keep you all posted. Dont forget to comment. because i have no job, and i need some entertainment from the outside world


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Heyo, be careful about the burning whilst on Roaccutane, my understanding is that it makes your skin extremely sensitive, so you have to be even more careful about exposure, to avoid permanent damage. And you're thinking of tanning?! Crazy girl!!

So jealous about your surfing ability! In my imagination I'd be an awesome surfer, but from my one (somewhat disastrous) experience with snowing I know that wouldn't be the case, and I'd actually be an uncoordinated bedraggled salty mess being dumped by waves ;)

Hey how come you lost your job??

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Snowing?! That's how awesome I am at skiing; I even call it the wrong thing! Whoops :| Haha.

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hahaha! nice. oh yes, I am crazy :) that's what makes me so special :P

oh and I'm not that good at surfing YET... Haven't been able to go out and get fully into it. But when i go to Hastings I have some mates who can teach me. I have an old vintage hand-me-down board from my dad, and apparently I'm the first person he knows that has been able to stand on the board :)

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Wow, that's awesome! And so cool having a vintage board, you'll have to post a pic for us!

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