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Anxiety + Some Reflections



Skin Update:

So I think my skin might be better, on average today. While I still have probably 25 cysts, no new ones popped up today. Not fabulous, but I'll take it. I think I have a few new whiteheads, but honestly it's hard to even be sure. Could it be that bare minerals was the culprit after all? Maybe. It could also be that I haven't been eating much due to anxiety. For some reason, not consuming enough calories has helped my skin clear up in the past. Or it could just be random.

Some Reflections:

I've been pretty anxious today. I was going to go to the grocery store, but, in the process of putting make up on, I got so discouraged and grossed out by my face that I took it all of and decided to just stay in the comfortable quarters of my room. I've started taking Paxil subsequent to breaking out like crazy. It helps a bit, but I don't know if it's possible for me to be both conscious and not upset about my face. idk. I know I shouldn't isolate myself, but going out into the world makes me miserable.

I feel like in some ways having acne has made me a better person. Definitely less vain. I used to be pretty/attractive, and I knew it too. I think I'm nicer than I used to be. I used to love that I was pretty, that people were jealous of me, and so on. But now, I look back on that, and I'm embarrassed that I used to be so shallow.

I'm going to do some yoga, write my statement of purpose for graduate school, pretend that I don't feel well so I don't have to go to my friends birthday dinner, and try to cheer up a bit. Maybe I'll drink some wine before I go to bed. My skin is out of control anyways, and it is a Saturday after all.


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Guest Jennifer


Hi, I can relate to everything you posted above. I think I may have some uplifting advice for you. When I was 27, I broke out with adult acne, I tried everything for two years to break free from it but nothing really helped. I tried, neotrata, doxycycline, and a lot of topical creams. My self-esteem dropped dramatically, I was embarrassed to go out and ended up staying in every weekend. Enough of this, this is what worked for me. I was reluctant to go on the birth control pill when I was younger, but after suffering with acne for over 2 years, I basically decided to try anything. So here it is. Diana 35 cleared up my skin!! I began to notice the changes after about 4 months and now my skin is clear. It took about a year to reach this point. Talk to your doctor about this birth control pill, it could be the beginning of clear skin for you too. And this myth about chocolate or unhealthy foods having an impact on your skin is nothing more than a myth. I've been eating chocolate and chips for the past 2 days ( halloween treats) and so far I haven't broken out ( knock on wood).

Best of luck.

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Hello Jennifer,

I'm so happy to hear that your skin has cleared up so wonderfully! That is awesome!

As a teenager, I got terrible hormonal breakouts. I went on yaz and was basically acne free for 4 years. I am now on beyaz (same as yaz -- just Bayer being annoying) because my insurance stopped covering yaz. Anyways, my acne is pretty stable -- it doesn't get better/worse depending on the time of the month. I know that acne can be sneaky though. I'll talk to my obgyn about it when I go for my yearly visit. Maybe Diana 35 is better for adult acne? Can't hurt to ask.

Thank you for you encouragement :)

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