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Day 72! - My Moist Moustache & More



So I haven't posted in a while but, well, nothing has really happened...apart from developing the watery moustache.

The watery moustache is the name for the phenomena where my upper lip sweats non-stop all day. That, along with my watery eyes and dry, crusted lips, gives me that 'nervous sexual predator' look every self-conscious, desperate-to-fit-in teenager wants. I don't understand why I'm all of a sudden getting this though. I did get it a little when I over-exerted myself or became too hot but now there seems to be no trigger and I can't think what I could be doing/using that is making it happen all of a sudden.

Emotionally I'm very sensitive, where I'm literally reduced to tears over things I'd just brush off before Accutane. I don't think it's serious or anything but the up-and-downness is irritating because half the time I don't know how I'm feeling so I might push myself to do some work and end up over-stressing myself and crying. It's like 24/7 PMS. I think it's impacting on my work at 6th form and I have exams in January...

Not much else to say seeing as my skin is improving so slowly now. One thing I have noticed is that the spots I am getting now are large lumps without a head, just filled with a strange watery liquid. I like to think this is the infection in my pores being purged out; cheers me up to think that maybe I'm in the last stages of killing the acne. Also, those two, hard pebble-like spots that i had under my skin have shrunk a lot-one is pretty much gone-so I'm glad of that seeing as my Derm said they might be long-term/permanent calcium or keratin deposits. Still want them to up my dose and I'd love to be off it for Christmas because if I'm not I'm going to be conscious of what I'm eating (for blood fats) and I won't be able to drink any alcohol (well, technically I could have a little, but I'd rather not when my liver will already be under stress). It's a good thing I'm not really a big fan of alcohol, otherwise I'd be dreading the temptation coming my way.


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Hi Renn! biggrin.png

One is amused by the name given to the aforementioned phenomena. Searched Google regarding sweating of the upper lip and it seems very common. Yeah, I had nothing better to do on a Friday night, please, shoot me now... whistling.gif)

Doesn't seem to be anything to be concerned about, I'd guess it's just annoying more than anything. Logical to sweat as we have glands there and also there's going to be moisture generate through breathing so it's normal in that respect. Never know, you might find it starts to decrease just as quick as it came on.

As for the emo stuff, crying isn't so bad. To quote Butt-head, crying lets the sad out of you. I heard it on MTV, must be true. Watch Marley and Me, get it all out in about an hour, job done. By the time I finished watching that movie, I think I'd actually lost weight through crying so much. There was virtually just a puddle of water and my clothes on the floor where I had previously been sat. smile.png

Seriously though, you're right to pay attention to it. It can only ever be a good thing to be in tune with your emotions and control it if appropriate. Maybe that's something which will pass, but there are also things you can do to try and keep things balanced; exercise, herbal remedies, relaxation techniques... do a bit of research on it, see what appeals. Have a think about any patterns there may be, anything which triggers this so that you may be able to approach those situations differently.

Certainly with stress, that's the key thing to counteract. When we think about stress, we start stressing about the fact that we're stressed, or we get stressed because we're pressuring ourselves to stop getting stressed. Best to see if you can just let it go and relax. Sixth form is a perfect example - if you focus on your work, do it to the best of your ability and tackle any problems along the way in a practical and calm manner, go with the flow, and you'll get there.


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Hello! Yeah it does seem really common, but it is just plain irritating. It's strange though, it's perfectly fine when I first get up in the morning, but as soon as I start getting washed and ready it comes about. It's kinda like "hey, sorry I'm late, but I'm here and I'm ready to make your day that little bit more difficult!"

lol.gif I cried at Frozen Planet the other day because a baby seal was nearly crushed by a fat man seal (I don't know the technical term for one, it's too early in the morning). I find it sadder when an animal dies than when a human does :/

I'll have a look into the herbal remedies and relaxation techniques for sure. I already do a little bit of exercise, even if it's just a walk, but it won't hurt to try something different. The stress 'paradox' (can it be called a paradox? I'm not sure, but I'm going to use it because it has an x in it and you don't often get to use words with an x in them) is so true! The thing that makes it worse is that this is my last year in school/6th form that I've spent almost 7 years in and I'm gonna spend my last year worrying and stressing. Going to try to 'go with the flow', with the whole deep breathing and stuff. The deep breathing + sweaty lip + squinty sore eyes aren't going to strange at all tongue.png

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