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2Nd Round Of Accutane..still Thinking About It. Start Date Dec 2



Hi friends! I started my first round of accutane around Jan 11, 2011. I was on it for 5 months and I had good results. Until now. Throughout my treatment I didn't have too bad of side effects. I had the typical very chapped lips and maybe some mood swings. Other than that my body handled it well. I got off Accutane around May 12 and up until now my skin was great. I had my usual hormonal breakouts but now my acne is coming back!!! I went to my derm and he even said I had alot of acne for someone who had been on a cycle of accutane. He said he was comfortable with putting me back on it. I have until the end of Nov to take my urine test and pregnancy test so I can get my first round of Accutane. Do you guys have any opinions or have any similar outcomes that I have? Any feedback would be much appreciated.

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Hey! i only went did one cycle of Roaccutane (but for agesss ha!) and i went back my GP afterwards and they suggested the birth control pill in order to regulate my hormones and stuff, not really as a treatment against acne but just to keep it away and so far it's proved pretty effective. I don't get acne anymore, the only odd spots i get are from my terrible student diet... just thought i'd suggest it to you for maybe an idea when you finish your second course to prevent maybe a third :) good luck!

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