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Day 5- Spiro



Skin looks pretty good I think. Certainly not amazing.... I think all of the cysts are going away, and had a few super tiny things pop up over the weekend, but nothing bad.

Side affects so far? Well.... Im tired. I haven't REALLY cleaned the house like I usually do, and dinner has been really lame the past few nights. I can usually stay up and read my book for a while in bed after everyone dozes off, but as soon as my head hits that pillow now.... *BAM*. I don't ever even remember waking up to get our son....lol, which isnt necessarily a bad thing. Yesterday I had a pretty wicked headache for 5 hours, which is unusual. I very rarely get them. I do, however, attribute it to not drinking enough water. Other than that, things have been pretty normal. Im hoping my docs office calls me soon with my dermatologist ref. Im interested to see what they have to say. I did some research lastnight on other oral antibiotics that are used for acne, since I had such an amazing result with doxy the first time. I may discuss that with them. I really dont like have to take 3 pills a day (1 spiro, 2 doxy), and also using a topical antibiotic (clinda), just to get decent skin. I like that spiro is also supposed to help with hair loss, and hair growth, which im suffering from both since the birth of my son.... but if its not going tohave an effect on my acne as well, then Id rather not take it. Or the doxy.

We will see I suppose. Maybe a mino or tetra is in my future? Ill have to read the reviews on here and do some more research.


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