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All In The Game, Yo, All In The Game.



I've just started watching The Wire. A friend of mine has been trying to get me to watch it for about six months. At first I couldn't even give it a shot, because it's so... gritty... There really is no other word to describe it. And it's real, at least for the hour you watch it (or two, because I can never seem to watch just one episode). You get totally sucked in, right down to getting immersed in the jargon they throw around. The characters are real, nothing's black and white, and despite them being seriously flawed you can't help but empathise with certain characters, whether they be cops, druggies, dealers or prostitutes, you name it. I love this show. There is one downside... I have recently caught myself wanting to use some of the more colourful descriptions the show employs, and "y'all ugly ass bitches shouldn't be fucking around with this shit" doesn't have quite the same ring to it coming from a skinny white girl.

On another note, my skin is still plugging along, the previous nodule thingies starting to heal. The one on my forehead is still under pressure, and quite painful, and I think may stick around for a while. I've also got a couple of boily-looking ones on the side of my nose, staring at whoever has the misfortune to glance in my direction. I'm quite self-conscious about them, and so even used a bit of concealer on the today as well as putting on a bright distract-y necklace (attached) and doing a double coat of mascara. Whoops. Hopefully that doesn't cost me too much. I'm seeing my doctor again tomorrow, but I haven't decided whether to ask her for a referral to a dermatologist, or just straight up order the DKR. Do I tell my doc if I do decide to do the DKR? Hmm... My seb derm is still being a pain. Hopefully I'll get on top of that soon. A bit too much of a coincidence that both skin afflictions seem to flare up at the same time, methinks.

Testosterone alert: The following paragraph is on cosmetics.

So today my friend brought me back a bottle of the "blasted" black nail polish, that cracks when you apply it, exposing some of the undercoat (I did warn you fellas!). Sooo cool. Unfortunately the new nail polish didn't instantly make my nails longer and stronger, or suddenly make me awesome at putting on varnish, so it probably looks a bit dodgy. Oh well! I'll upload a picture when I've done them. I need to get a few really bright colours (e.g. bright yellow), because they're the most effective. Hmm, just finished doing the crackle. It looks pretty awesome, but I'm going to need to find some better quality undercoat, because it's coming off with the crackle. Could be that it wasn't 100% dry, like they say it has to be (I'm not so good with the patience thing). Please excuse my ugly, spidery fingers. Seriously, digits are so ugly up close, they're all wrinkly and stuff.


My crackle polish and burnt finger (you should've seen the oven though).

Umm... Tonight I cooked stuffed eggplant (I was totally going to call this entry "Get stuffed", but decided against it), which was quite delicious, but also burnt the roof of my mouth (again with the impatience) and my finger (oven element, gets me every time). I'm trying to eat more healthily (with more vegetable matter, less chocolate etc), as well as getting back into the exercise (I struggled quite a bit with the heat during my last 6 km jog, the weather is definitely warming up. I mustn't have been too hideous though, glowing with sweat as I pounded the pavement, because a fit dude cycling was like "Hey" to me as he passed. So what if it was dark?! That means nothing I tell you, nothing! Of course I, in all my class and elegance, faltered and almost stacked it (I'm not used to cyclists acknowledging me), but managed to fit in an eloquent "Hey" in amongst the heavy breathing a couple of meters down the road eusa_wall.gif ). So far the vegetable thing is going well, but I really failed on the chocolate front. I consumed two different types (dark chocolate and peppermint, and Crunchie), as well as some icecream. And I didn't even go for a jog, because my knees were a little twingey after yesterday's effort, so I'm feeling especially fat tonight. Ah well, I'll just make sure to go tomorrow. The Watch is keeping track of my distances/heart rate/calories burned etc., which is cool. My mate (that gave me the watch) is amazed that my max. heart rate is so high (best guess is 215 at the moment), but I keep telling him that's because a) I'm a girl, and b) I'm not very fit in comparison to how I was a month ago. He says that the min. heart rate is what depicts your fitness, but I'm not convinced. If you're not fit, your heart is working harder, right? I thought so.

Okay this is a seriously boring update, I apologise. I think I got completely sidetracked and didn't end up saying anything I meant to, haha!


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I LOVE watching new series but only on DVD. I get myself all comfy and watch an episode, and then I think "another one? Oh why not." And before you know it I've watched around 5 episodes in a row....then I usually have an hours break and start all over. I did this last summer with Mad Men. I watched three series over the course of 4 days. Perfect way to spend the christmas break. That, and watching cricket.

Personally I don't see any issue with colourful language talk. I think it suits you! :) When I watched the Deadwood series I went around for months saying things like "you limber dick cock sucker" and "go and brush your teeth, you have seven kinds of cock breath'. Actually, who am I kidding, I still say both of those statements because they are so awesome and ladylike.

The nail polish looks cool, especially with the burnt finger look...and your dinner looks amazing, but perhaps lacking some tomato, onion and avocado on the spinach?

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Oh yes, I love that! I think it comes from "studying" during SWOTVac, where I'd sit down and watch entire seasons of shows in a matter of days, all under the pretence of "studying". Those were the days, hehehe.

Hehehe I think I pull it off wink.png I can so see you calling people "limber dick cock-suckers", hahaha!! Awesome!

The nail polish is awesome! I ended up doing another coat of colour over it all, to make the in-between colour brighter.

Tomato, avocado and onion would've gone down perfectly! Alas this was a throw-together-something-from-the-remaining-contents-of-my-fridge type arrangement, so all the onion was used in the ratatouille for the stuffing. I really need to go food shopping!

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Yep, I'm with you on that. I watched 7 seasons of The Office one semester, that was one productive semester. This STUVAC (or SWOTVAC, why does it always sound like we're either delivering a vaccination or being a part of some sort of biohazard evacuation) I have only procrastinated on acne.org, watched a couple of new eps of South Park, Family Guy and American Dad, and sat on facebook for a cumulative 50 hours. That's pretty good for me.

By the way, your dinner looks amazing. Looking at that photo is the closest I've been to healthy food in the past 2 weeks. In fact I feel healthier already. I think next time you should post something less healthy, so I don't feel as guilty. :P

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Hahaha! "Delivering a vaccination" or a "biohazard evacuation", I love that! Funny guy.

I know, hahaha! So smug. Hey, you think I'd post all the dinners where I have cereal for dinner and dark chocolate for dessert? I think not! I'm trying to paint myself as much more intelligent, responsible and capable than I am in real life, okay? Don't ruin my delusions!

You're overdue for a blog entry, as am I. And an email, but I'm striking that one off, just your luck. But the blog is non-negotiable.

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