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Week 1- Day 7



Today was day 7. I am definitely feeling an effect, I am waking up with whiteheads everyday which I NEVER used to have... my acne usually stayed under the skin so this is a good sign. Except I can see sooooo many clogged pores I hope they don't all turn into whiteheads! That's a nightmare! My lips are chapped, and the tip of my nose has started peeling like I had a minor sunburn or something. I haven't had any headaches yet, I'm not more tired than usual, so otherwise I feel fine. The chapped lips I'm trying to prevent before letting them get bad... they're ALWAYS covered in vaseline, or vitamin E, or burts bees. Burts bees lasts the longest so I've been mostly using that.

Not much to update other than that. I really hope this initial breakout clears up quick, I would WAY rather deal with dry skin than cysts/whiteheads :(

I started a vlog on youtube as well for anyone who might be following this, it's nessonaccutane.

Anyways, I have high hopes and am SO looking forward to this all being over... ugh.



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hey girl, FIRST thing I want to say is that I watched your video and want to let you know you are gorgeous. I am seriously not just saying that. I know webcams are grainy and don't show everything, but I just thought I saw a beautiful face, with red marks occupying it.

I was on accutane 20 mg for 3 months bad in 2009. I don't really remember any initial breakout, but I will say that it completely cleared my skin (for a few months). My cheeks, jawline, and neck were covered in cystic pimples. I dont however remember getting more cysts. I believe the products I was using was making me to break out...plus I don't think I was on it long enough or at a high enough dose.

I know how awful it feels when lips crack and skin just seems to peel off and is thin like tissue paper. The worst part about the whole thing was how red my eyes were. It looked like I was on drugs. Granted, I also worked the night shift and got NO sleep during the day, so this was also a contributor to acne as well as red eyes.

Anyways, I want to encourage you, that it is a long journey but you will see results! I don't know what makeup or products you use, but I have found acnejean's log very very helpful and the reason why I've been able to clear up. Maybe visit her log and look around. So best of luck! I went through HELL when I was on accutane, but thank God I didn't suffer scaring too bad.

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Thanks SO much for the encouragement- it means a lot. I'll definitely be looking through her log, thanks for the recommendation!

If you don't mind me asking, which products do you think were making you breakout? I struggle with this notion because I was using a lot of different cleansers & products in general... out of frustration.. which worked for you?

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