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So, I just stated this whole new idea of treating acne...

I've been having troubles with acne ever since I was 12.

I'm actually really excited that this might actually work.

But, at the same time nervous about not working..

I'm going to try my best following the instructions and advice.

I will be posting up at least 1 entry every week so feel welcome to come check it out(:

And, if you're interested in being my friend, please do...

I mean I can't really talk to my friends about my acne problems because they won't understand..





Today has been a long day for me.

I don't feel stressed out, but I do feel tired..planning on sleeping early(:

I walked my dog for like 5-10 minutes--cloudy/not very sunny.

I heard that the BP gets your skin itchy, but I've used it before so I'm guessing I'm used to it.

The cleansing within the 10 seconds was too hard for me to achieve.

I'll work on getting it within the 10 seconds within this 2 weeks..hopefully!

The moisturizer got my skin all itchy (I did not itch it), I'm not sure if thats how it's suppose to feel.

My skin full acne like everyday )':

But, I still have hope that this will all go away!

I've been telling myself lately not to take all the acne on my face personally, since its just more stress...

I try drinking cocoa milk as a dessert.

^^not hot coco where theres tons of sugar but the cocoa powder and milk and little bit of carmel and sugar^^

Well, thats Day-01(:

I'll try keeping it updated so that i can see the result(:

who ever is reading this...thanks for taking your time to read this boring stuff..haha

good night and sweet dreams♥




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