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Day 13



ok, my face looks a whole bunch better! but i have a slight problem. headaches and migraines are ruining me! just suffered a day at work with a killer head throb sad.png and nearly fell asleep driving home. so i went straight to bed and slept it off..

my boss has nicely found out I'm on accutane.. which is just not what i want, considering I've told hardly any of my friends... but my work mate told him, so he had a cool as talk to me about how I'm going to suffer. his wife was on it and bla bla bla.

Oh well. its fine, he told me today that friday is my last day of work. so from then on, I WILL BE A JOBLESS BUM AND EVENTUALLY BE A HOBO (conforming to "hoboism" in most societies is looked down on and fatally dangerous, leading to rejection and crime)

Stress is killing me a little sad.png

right, dinner time! meat free goodness please


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Aww, sucks about the job situation, Mell! Fingers crossed you can find something else soon! :)

I know from experience that it can be hard trying to start something new. Well, actually, I decided it's too hard and I couldn't be bothered so I've been a full-time bum for the last four months. Oh yeah, society is looking down on me from way up high! :P

Sometimes, maybe these things happen for a reason. Who knows, perhaps you'll stumble upon something which takes you down a totally different path and opens up new opportunities. If the change is inevitable, might as well try and embrace it.

Certainly don't stress about it. No harm in taking a little time out if you can to step back and gather your thoughts, think of what your next move could be.

Here's hoping those migraines chill out as well, I bet that's not especially pleasant. See if you can relax and make sure you get plenty of sleep. We don't want you falling asleep at the wheel! :o


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haha thanks Paul,

you must have a lot of time on your hands to write such big essays on peoples blogs :P

yeah I've been chilling out for a while and its boring me, I need to do something with myself. I'll just turn to some artwork for now... but yeah. .

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