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Day 164



Soooo basically all is going well! Not a lot to report, I still daren't leave the house without foundation but at least nowadays my face is smooooth so you can't tell I have acne.

PIH is still there, but must be fading sloooowly haha. I'm pretty happy to keep on and see further improvement.

I'm pretty slack sometimes with applications and if it's too late when I get ready for bed I sometimes just apply AHA instead of doing the regimen, missing out on 1 application now and again doesn't seem to have any bad implications though so I'm happy :)

I also use 1 pump of BP on the night and about 2/3 of a pump in the morning as I find it takes aaages to soak in and I don't have as long to sit around in the morning lol.

My new cleanser is good! It's in a pop top squeezy tube though which isn't quite as handy to use when your hands are wet as just pressing down on Dan's org products, but the product itself works just as well and it only cost me £1.99!! I'll probably continue to use both.

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