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More Musings.




I knew to expect dry lips and eyes, but I will definitely be searching for some eye drops... I haven't worn my contacts because they are drying too. I think it could partially be from the beginning of my first Nova Scotian winter. I'm used to a more moist climate without wind, so combined with the accutane side effects, I'm in for a treat!

I have also taken to carrying a water bottle with me wherever I go - seems that I am drying up from the inside out. This is probably a lifestyle change for the better though.

I've started to break out in places that I never have; were these just zits waiting to happen or is accutane dragging up long lost pimples? I was never a t-zone girl, my nose and forehead are generally the clearest part of my face, so I'm not used to seeing pimples pop up there. On the bright side though, I have found that my cheeks are slowly clearing up. I have a couple of purple, raised, soft bumps about the size of a pinky fingernail right by my ears. Has anyone else ever had these? What the heck are they?

On a side note - has anyone found that eating habits affect their success with accutane? I mentioned earlier that I wanted to lose some weight before I went home for Winter Break (maybe drop a size or two; nothing that would get me on the front page of Shape...a target size of 8) so I'm focusing on upping my produce consumption (cafeteria food focuses on STARCH-- potatoes potatoes potatoes. Add to that a strict vegetarian diet and you have a recipe for PB&J sandwiches and instant oatmeal for each meal...not exactly well rounded. Plus my friends are really into dessert, for lunch AND dinner. We all know that what our friends and family eats affects us too. I'm just trying to be strong for my dessert Tuesdays!) Tangent aside, has anyone isolated any flare up foods? I will go out of my way to avoid them and see if that helps me clear up!

I am still using a spot cream each night after I wash my face and moisturize. I've read some blogs from those who didn't dry out too much to ditch their spot gels, and I'm hoping that will be me for a while longer. It helps me to feel like I am doing something productive for myself.



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