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The Last Supper



So, first off, let's get the boring skin part out of the way. My skin is still really gross at the moment, I have seb derm patches around my nose, my mouth and my chin. I have two massive pimples on my left temple, a small papule between my eyes. A couple of papules on my forehead. Urgh, this is the worst it's been in quite a while. I believe it's because I'm stressed doing exams and eating loads of junkfood to keep me motivated to study. Yay, high GI diet + stress = breakout!!. But I have been keeping up my regimen and BPing nightly, and I'm sure it would be worse now without it. I sat in the sun today and have been keeping up with the selsun. Hopefully, as I finish each exam, a pimple will magically disappear (please pimple fairy?) and I will only be left with one by the end of it.

The good news, for people that love bad news, is that I blitzkrieged (chuck.gif)my first exam today. JA DAS IST MEIN SCHNITZEL!! (I maintain that anything spoken in German sounds instantly more hardcore, hence Rammstein.) Yes Resery, I even did the annoying debriefing with all of my classmates. But rest assured, we're psychology students and if we weren't to debrief it would probably be a sign of the apocalypse (so how does that make you feel?). So, I should have one less pimple tomorrow, as well as three days till my next exam.

In other interesting news, I spent the evening with monks (well, technically they're brothers). They had a Eucharist service in this tiny chapel, which was really a converted shed, beside their main house. I went with a client; I always love getting paid to eat and talk, it's such a difficult vocation. So I had some interesting conversations regarding East Timor, heard from a judge on the importance of Australia helping Greece and discussed the Three Million Dollar Man (old TV show) with this funny albeit sweet old couple. I also scoffed down beef stew and some delicious ginger snap things with cream and some chocolate stuff on them (anyone know what they're called?). It was a really interesting and fun night.

Another anecdote you say: sadly, the nun, who is my boss, is leaving soon. She is one of the greatest people I have ever known. She's funny, and interesting and tells all these stories of when she was abroad, and she serves (without pay) so selflessly, humbly, and she neatly runs the house and values every single person she comes across. She is possibly in her 70s, and I think I will attempt to clone her. I don't know if I can handle being an employee of the replacement house coordinator. She is infinitely worse in comparison. She's sloppy and lazy, and can't run a house...anyway, I will miss my favourite nun. Hopefully, I'll see her when she visits.

People: sleep now, study tomorrow, and stalk in-between. Amen.


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Maybe it's just me, but once again your blog is full of wholesomeness and good will. It makes me feel like a bad person. Here you are extolling the virtues of a nun, and here I am dobbing in my friends' private lives and witnessing drug raids. Touché.

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Yes, well didn't you realise that I am very holy. I will be the only person to be cannonised whilst alive. Besides it was penance for my last post. And I think your post is far more exciting than mine. I'm just trying to make the best out of my material. Plus penance for my last post. ;)

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I used to know a nun. She was a friend of the family and I always thought she was a little on the strange side. In hind sight, she was probably perfectly normal and it was me who was (is) a little on the strange side......

Unblvbl, don't you dare be getting all 'sweet baby cheeses' on me......It just wouldnt suit you. I'm sorry, but sometimes the truth hurts *lol, just kidding, jokes, haha*

The part of this blog entry that got me a little excited was the mention of beef stew. Oh my shit, that has got to be my favourite dinner (if of course you ignore the fact that I have around 10,240 other favourite dinners).

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You. Strange? Never!

Lol, the beef stew was alright. I love it in winter, but I find it a bit bland. But then I mostly like dishes that aren't english.

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I love english dinners........give me stodge any day, so long as its followed by salad the next.....

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