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Day 160



I'm doing fabulous! Fantastic! Month 6 is going beautifully. My forehead had s small white head this morning. Other than that it's perfectly clear and smooth! Well, except for the spot by my eyebrow that will not stop peeling and leaves red, raw skin. But whatever. My nose is clear and smooth! It hasn't peeled in a couple days. And there's not a single blackhead! The areas by my eyes that were once covered in cysts that would randomly pop and bleed and scab are now 100% acne free! My left cheek is also 100% acne free and incredibly smooth! I can't even believe it. It's been covered in cysts and pustules since I was twelve years old! I have a small scabby pimple at the bottom of my ear though. My jawline is also perfectly clear. My upper lip is completely acne free. I have a small scabby pimple on my chin and a weird flat one that keeps peeling (both on the left sides) my right chin has a couple of small flattish pimples that peel. Under my chin is clear and smooth and soft!:) there are several tiny tiny dry bumps in the edge of my chin though. My right cheek is 99% acne free, there is this annoying spot that keeps peeling, but I don't think it's a pimple. I have a couple dry scabby zits by my right ear too. My right jawline is beautifully clear and smooth, although there is one under the skin bump. Okay, red marks: forehead: 95% free of red marks. It's gorgeous! My sunglasses mark on my right side (the worse side) is doing better! I think it's improved a lot in the past week. I still put acv on it every night. My whole upper cheek is pretty red and splotchy, but the lower half is 80% free of red marks! I had horrible red marks in my upper right neck, but they have faded a LOT!! you can barely see them now. I still have a pretty bad mark on my jaw that will take a long time to heal. It's hard to tell If my chin has red marks or not. It might just be uneven skin tone and peely skin. Who knows. My sunglasses mark on my right cheek is.... Decent. It hasn't improved much, but it wasn't as bad as the right cheek to begin with. My skin could actually look good.... If it wasn't so red! I can't even apply enough makeup to cover the redness. So annoying. I keep flushing too! Weird thing: my skin is getting a little bit oily again! My nose has slight shine, and I can feel my skin get oily during the day. Not enough to shine though. I like it like that though. My hair is dry.... Eyes kinda dry... My lips are dry but they hold moisture better now. Back still hurts when I bend down... That's it! I <3 accutane! (and Prednisone)


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