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Week 9 (And 6 Days)

First, Some advice that I found REALLY works:

If you have a pimple, and you popped it(like what i did 2 days ago), and its all red around, or maybe you didnt pop it, but its still red or inflammed in any way, what I did right after I popped it, and what you can do even if it isnt popped is get a cube of ice and put it in a wash cloth and place it on the pimple or area. Keep it there for a while... I kept mine for like 7 minutes, then go into the bathroom and put a mask on that one area, the one that worked for me is a vitamin e mask that I had, I put it onthe spot and kept it there overnight and it really went down the next day, and the next day it was pretty much GONE. (:

Alright, its been 9 weeks and 6 days since ive been doing my treatment just incase anyone has forgotten, clindamyicn in the morning along with a vitamin d capsule, retin-a at night along with diane 35. I take my diane 35 pill normally around 6 everynight, sometimes later because I wasnt home or something.

Now time for the results. I still have about half a month to go but im definately going to stick with this because my face has gotten SO clear, initial breakout wasnt TOO bad, I stuck along through it and nowmy skin is really smooth just really tiny invisible bumps that you can feel every here and there, but you cant see em. Now the only thing left is the marks or spots. Ive found out i have PIH, Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (theres a forum about it right here on this website) And what I have are different from acne scars, they are just little spots that happen and they should go away in time, but I dont want to have to wait like 18months for them to go away by theirself, luckily the Retin-a that I am using also treats this and they should be gone much quicker.

As for now, Im happy with the results, Ill keep posting because im not done yet until im JOYOUS with the results.

P.S- I have like one really small bump, and thats about it, I had two others two days ago (one on my right cheek the other on lip line and they both went away in a matter or 2 days!!!!!!)


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