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Allow Me To Introduce Myself




So I'm a 22 yr-old female and I'm on 30 mg/day of Isotretinoin (some brand called Mayesta I think), which I started about a week ago. This will be an experience 1. because it's isotretinoin... pretty intense! and 2. because I'm currently living in Madrid, Spain.

So ME: I've had acne/been self-conscious about the skin on my face for at least 5 years, maybe 7. There was a long period in high school where my skin cleared up beautifully with Duac (clindamycin+BP), but then in college it went through a whole new rollercoaster of bad, awful, okay, pretty good, okay, awful.. and my moods went with it. Tried a million things (erythromycin, going "all-natural", just BP, retin-a micro, minocyclin, BC-ortho tricyclen lo). The thing is, I can control it okay with just BP, but I still get at least a pimple a day with hyperpigmentation and oily skin that makes it look like my acne is so much worse. Also... I'm pretty sure it's a large part hormonal because it gets so much worse during my period, but just being my birth control didn't totally clear it either.

In sum... I'M TIRED OF IT! I'm tired of worrying, stressing, being self-conscious, feeling guilty about stressing so much, not wanting sleep overs because of it, not wanting to go out because of it, having it dictate where I stand and sit because of lighting (am I that crazy? uhh.. yeah). It's just a big huge pain in the ass. As you all must know.

My regimen: I'm in Spain teaching English for the year and the program comes with health insurance, and I get free visits to the derm, free blood tests, it seemed like a really opportunistic time to take accutane.. which I've been researching, etc for months. The derm put me on 30 mg/day (pretty low.. my acne is not severe. I don't get cysts, really. I have a lot of discoloration/hyper pigmentation, super oily skin, blackheads on my nose, and normal clusters of pimples that come and go on my cheeks and jaw and sometimes, though more rarely, on my forehead.


Wash with Acniben facewash (super gentle)

Olay face moisturizer, spf 15, sensitive skin

make up.... (i can't wait until I feel comfortable enough to not wear it...)

During the day... blot 5000 times with toilet paper..


Wash with Acniben facewash

Cerave night moisturizer

Vaseline on my lips and in my nose and under my eyes if I feel dry

Yup! Any questions and/or support and/or any sort of comment is wayy more than welcome. I've read a ton of blogs here and they're great. I'm going to write another entry now about my first week and concerns...


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Hey, welcome!! Good luck with the iso, and kudos for using the health insurance, good idea. Keep blogging, I want to hear more about Spain! :D

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