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Uh! Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do? Whatcha Gonna Do When The Come For You?



I'll start off with an update on my "progress", which is not good. I have developed three cysts on my face, one on my hairline (which is quite painful), one on the side of my nose and one on my eyebrow. Gah! I'm doing nothing different; I'm still taking antibiotics once a day, and using the benzoyl peroxide/retinoid gel, and taking the Pill. So I think I need to seriously consider seeing a dermatologist. The longer I leave it the more scars I accrue. I don't think this is the flare up from makeup use that I was worried about, because of the style of the breakout and the fact that it coincides with my scalp also suddenly becoming bad too, yay(!). Another weird thing is last night I developed a rash on my back and shoulder blades, which meant I couldn't apply the Epiduo. I've taken photos of it, so may post them later, as well as some awful update photos. Bleh.

So, now onto the more cheery stuff, yay! Have I mentioned how much I love weekends? No? Well, it's a lot. Not that I've done anything especially exciting; Friday night I declined an invitation to the pub with the boys, and watched DVDs with my housemate.

On Friday I also witnessed a drug raid at the local train station, which in theory was very exciting. In reality, despite the ten cops, sniffer dog, six security guards and two transit officers, it was pretty anticlimatic. I know, talk about being prepared, right? The raid was much less dramatic than I expected (I guess I have false expectations from watching The Bill many many years ago, and COPS now [i love COPS so much]), and those that were busted were disappointingly well-behaved. Is it too much to ask for someone to try and bolt, only to be tackled by a cop, or attacked by a police dog? I don't think so! Anyway, I've attached a sneaky shot I took once the hubbub had died down, and the possession citations were being issued. Obviously the dodgy quality is me trying to be surreptitious, hehehe.

Saturday I got up before 9 am (it was a lot more difficult this week), and went to breakfast (I had French toast) with the girls, one of whom told me that she and her partner are going to start trying for a baby(!!). Woah! She's younger than me (just turned 26), so that was a bit of a shock to the system. And I'm not extremely traditional, but she's not married... And, oh wait, there's also the tiny little fact that he's still married to someone else!! blink.png Say what now?! Yup, he's not technically divorced yet to his wife. Hmm, that's more than a little messy, right? Well it gets even worse, because the reason he hasn't got a divorce is apparently because he "doesn't have the money to pay for it". Yup! He doesn't have the money to pay to pay for a lawyer or do the online thing, but yet they're planning to get pregnant. Uh huh. Confused? Yeah me too. So that was extremely exciting, and it was one of the rare moments when I have no idea what to say to someone...

Okay I just realised this is a lot more interesting than I thought it would be. Ha! I'm full of excitement. Well. Now anything else I say is going to pale in comparison. I did have more to say too, but can't remember what that was, I got distracted by the drug bust and the potential knockup-to-a-married-man thing. Maybe I'll post this now, and then think of doing another update tonight, with the dreaded photos attached, and whatever else I was supposed to report on. Bye!


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Oow, such scandal. Such gossip. This is fine procrastinating material. This is juicy. My gosh, I don't think I'd know what to say in that situation either. I think I'd probably ask her if she was mad and tell her to seek counseling/family planning. That guy sounds like an idiot...

Ha ha, that blurry shot is awesome, very authentic. That's kind of cool that you saw a drug bust. Did you get roped in as a witness?

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It was very juicy. If I didn't know she'd wanted a baby since she was about twelve I might've been looking for the cameras filming us for some new cheap Aussie reality TV show.

Apparently the guy is actually "really nice" and "down to earth" (this from my other friend, who's met him). I reserve judgment until I meet him, but at best he's extremely deluded.

Haha! Most of the cops and security people were at least slightly overweight, so I was thinking if someone did do a runner once the dogs'd left I might've got to do an "assist", hehehe. Alas, I wasn't even required for witness purposes. A bit of a let down, really. I think I'd be pretty good at the whole "You're nicked!" thing.

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A drug raid at the local train station? I didnt realise that you lived right next door to Om. Such a small world!

Damn those cysts...

And I LOVED the friend story.......tell me another one. I want moar (as copied from another certain blogger and commenter on here).

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She's back! <3 !

I know, they're driving me up the wall, my skin sucks at the moment! Sigh. Might try tomorrow to book an appointment with my doctor sometime soon.

I know, isn't it great?? Well I have heaps of Gays Of Our Lives stories from my housemate, they can be pretty good and dramatic sometimes. Hmm...

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Yes, I vote for more Gays of our Lives stories. Never a dull moment.....

Hmm...yes well the skin relapse is truly disappointing. Have you thought of trying to follow Dan's regimen?

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Yes, it is a bit. Although looking back on earlier photos it's still heaps better, so maybe I'm being a tad melodramatic. I have thought of it, but shipping costs to here are pretty massive, and as it is I'm spending about a hundred a month on medication for this stupid thing. Although really, I'd pay that in a heartbeat to get the skin I had a little over three months ago back again. How often do you order it in?

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Yes, its a good job we have progress photos, otherwise its too easy to forget how bad it used to me. The 'new bad' becomes the new norm.

I've just ordered the huge bottles which should last three months. To be honest, even with the delivery costs its still cheaper than all the creams and potions I used to use. Of course I come from the school that if its in a small gold bottle, packaged in a box and costs a fortune, then its really good stuff.

I feel let down....where's my blog?

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I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I had to put one up under pressure, so there's no substance to it. On the other hand, pictures, yay(!)

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