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Background Info On Me, Mell



I'm 18 years old :)

I'm christian. don't be hating.

I'm vegetarian.

I work part time, and bum around the rest of the time... (actually i look for a full time job)

I want to study photography, medical or psychology..

I think I'll go for the photography, not sure yet :Phttp://leendersphotography.deviantart.com/

Most of my friends live in other cities, I travel about 4 hours about once a month to hang with my best friends.

I like outdoors and chilling with my animal friends haha.

I'm kinda a girlie looking person, but don't really act girlie.

My favorite colour is pink.

I plan to do modeling when my skin has cleared up :)

people either love me or hate me... and a lot of people who hate me pretend to love me. (people can be awful)

I ruin relationships with people cause i blow them off when i have a bad skin day. something I don't admit to anyone really.. I've ruined many relationships with guys cause I feel ugly.

I'm usually a happy person. . but yeah...

anyways.. any questions? go nuts... seriously, i have not much better to do haha... i know how many people read my blog so yeah

Oh and here, a photo of me :)


Recommended Comments

Wow, I like your photography. You've got some skills. What part of the world do you hail from? Because it looks mightily cold, I've never seen so much snow in my life (but then I'm from Australia, so that's not really odd).

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Hey Mell! smile.png

I like your pictures, some really nice shots there. Nice to see a fellow photographer here. I'd like to be a photographer as well one day, although I should probably do something about it. In the meantime, I guess I need to get myself a boring day job so that I'm not poor forever... rolleyes.gif

What are your favourite things to photograph?

I go to a lot of concerts and enjoy taking pictures of bands and performers. I'm taking pictures of Britney Spears tonight. I'd really like to start doing portrait stuff but my confidence (or lack of) gets in the way of making contacts sometimes, I never really have the confidence to put myself out there and make myself known. Working on it though, sure I'll get there one day.

I did try a shoot with someone last month actually but that didn't go to plan at all - I had problems with my camera and it stopped working temporarily, and I dropped a lens in a river and ruined it! I wouldn't have minded so much because accidents do happen, but I hadn't even paid for it at that point! I paid a bill for £2000 worth of camera gear this week so I am now officially a stuggling, poor, wannabe artist! biggrin.png

Saddens me that you've ruined relationships because of how you feel about yourself. Don't like the thought of people holding themselves back from happiness and things, which is kind of ironic because that's all I've ever done, but still...

You're far from ugly, believe me. Skin problems and acne perhaps aren't the most aesthetically pleasing things, sure, but they don't make us ugly. I think what can however appear unattractive is any dislike we may express for ourselves, so if we cancel that out by learning to be happy with who we are, can't really go wrong. In the long run, people are more interested in the personalities others have and the hobbies they're into. Clearly, you've got your own style and things you enjoy doing, they're the things which make you who you are and they're what would matter most to people.


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Hey :) thanks Paul. i like photographing people and animals mostly :) your work sounds pretty sweet!

oh and im from New Zealand. it doesn't often snow here actually... not where I live anyways.

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I do alright I suppose, still learning. Sometimes people tell me pictures are great but I'm always a bit :shrug: about it.

Here's some stuff if you'd like to have a look...

A few random bits and pieces, as well as a few musicians: http://s1105.photobucket.com/albums/h342/PH85/RANDOM/?albumview=slideshow

Pictures I took at a Katy Perry concert recently: http://s1105.photobucket.com/albums/h342/PH85/KATY%20PERRY/?albumview=slideshow

Pictures from last nights Britney Spears concert: http://s1105.photobucket.com/albums/h342/PH85/BRITNEY%20SPEARS/?albumview=slideshow

The next concert I'll be taking pictures at is Rihanna. Despite the apparent pattern of pop stars, I am actually a big fan of rock and heavy metal! :lol:


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haha nice! those photos are good. I love Rihanna :) yeah my music of choice would be metal/screamo. and Skrillix :)

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Skrillex is sweet, and that's coming from a person that doesn't usually listen to dubstep or screamo. Love "promises", their music is perfect to workout or study to. Lol, well I find it motivational anyway.

Wow Paul, are you pro? Do you pay to go to these concerts?

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yeah my music of choice would be metal/screamo. and Skrillix smile.png

Cool. What other bands are you into? I tend to go for the old school rock and metal stuff. I was born in the wrong era. My favourite bands are Iron Maiden and Metallica, been lucky enough to see both this year.

Wow Paul, are you pro? Do you pay to go to these concerts?

Nah, I can only wish I was pro! lol.gif Most of the time I pay to go to the shows, sometimes I can get guest list if I happen to have a photographers pass. I'd like to do it pro but you have loads of experience and be able to put yourself out there all the time. The two go hand in hand of course and, with my anxieties and depression, that's where I struggle because it's not often I really feel like doing it.

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Oh I see. Such a pity, you're clearly quite talented! What a job that would be: get in on the guest list, take a lot of photos, hang out with the band...I think I'm drooling/dreaming of being that journo kid in Almost Famous...

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