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Sex, Drugs, Rock And/or Roll And...skincare



Sex: I really wish my roommate, the one I share a wall with, would get a new bed. It squeaks so much, and it's so annoying because I can't help but to visualise them doing it. It doesn't help when she starts moaning either. Are they porn stars? I think not. I even have to turn my music up just to block out the soft porn scene. On another note, did you know that some disability support workers take their clients to brothels? I didn't ever realise this, until this year. So, I'm kind of appreciative of the fact that none of my clients utilise such *ahem* services. I just read a powerpoint of the pros and cons of the different services. I can't imagine how awkward it would be to organise such an appointment. Do you have ramp access? A hoist? I mean, the less mobile clients, you'd have to help move. I'm not even sure what the legal requirement is, does the prostitute take over duty of care, or would you have to be in the room. I can't imagine this situation not being awkward.

Drugs: Two out of three of my roommates like to get high. I don't really have a problem with this. Only that they leave a massive freaking mess when they're stoned. But they do become nicer and far more docile. Which really works well for me, plus I think douche-bag roommate needs it to balance out his anger issues. Although it is kind of troublesome when they do it every night. Because then, they're just constantly zombified and they never clean and they constantly cook pancakes. Thankfully, they've held off their habits till the weekend lately. About a few weeks ago I tried some pot-laced brownies, mostly because the brownies looked delicious, and I was hungry. Sadly I don't think I ever really experienced the high. Apparently it takes an hour or so for them to kick in. And we had them at ten o'clock at night, so naturally I went to bed before it ever really took hold. lol.

Rock and/or Roll: I've been listening to The Kooks new album (Junk of the Heart) lately. Well, I like it. Like The Wombats and Vampire Weekend, they remind me of summer, which always makes me happy. Their stuff is always pretty upbeat and catchy. This album they've added some more synth, much like The Wombats did, although I think they pulled it off a little better. It didn't seem like they sold-out and went for the all synth move. It rather integrates their old style with some new layers, but it still feels fresh and acts like prozac. A gramme is better than a damn.

Skincare: My skin is so itchy right now. I have a seb derm break-out on my chin. But I have sunned and selsunned. So hopefully it will go away. The good news is the pimples on my forehead have mostly faded. As have the ones around my temples. I only really have some between my eyebrows right now. My regimen is doing good things so far.

As you can see, I have been productively studying. Three days until my first exam. *panic attack*


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Okay I had to like this with the first line I read, I had exactly the same issue with my neighbour, who lives directly above me. Well, actually come to think of it wasn't exactly the same, because the lady-friend, who was visiting, definitely wasn't making the groans that one expects from a soft-porn scene. In fact besides the staggered bouts of squeaking (seriously, it sounded like they were doing interval training; "okay honey, 2 minutes going at it, then a three minute break, repeat that set ten times") it was hard to tell they were... recreating... Haha, see what I did there? Yeah you did.

I had heard of it (I actually watched an SBS documentary on it once, with people with missing limbs, immobility, I think there was one couple where the (able-bodied partner) stayed in the room during the procedure, which was more than a little awkward, I thought), but I've not heard of anyone I actually know... knowing of it. I find it hard to disagree with morally, since it's completely mutual and the client is getting what some consider to be a basic human, nay animal, right.

Hahaha! I just love the line "...they're just constantly zombified and they never clean and they constantly cook pancakes.", That sounds hilarious! Not that I'd be able to live with it (even I don't like pancakes that much ;) ), when it invariably leads to living in squalor (I believe this is an example when I should utilise a pacifier, like "no offence", "jokes", "lol" or ":P" to soften the blow, hehehe).

Does that mean you have a Saturday exam? I hate Saturday exams, they should be illegal. I'm so glad I don't have to do exams anymore, muahaha!!

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Ha ha, that's the perfect analogy, interval training. I love it. As for the disability thing, I totally agree they have the rights to do so, but I simply don't want to be the one there. I don't know if I could easily erase that memory. Or explain what I was doing at a brothel on Tuesday. ha ha. Do you remember the name of the doco, sounds interesting?

Hmmm, I have been studying all day. My first exam is on Monday. So I'm pretty freaked out at the moment.

I'm so glad I don't have to do exams anymore, muahaha!!
Did I mention that I hate you?

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That's exactly what it sounded like, except way less fun.

Haha I don't blame you on that count! I think the doco was called Scarlett Road, I didn't get to see all of it, because I came in part way, but tt was interesting in a confronting and obviously pretty sad way. Now I have a feeling it was on Four Corners or something, not SBS? Hmm...

Hehehe don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

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I reckon that people who make a lot of noise while having sex when they share a house with others are doing it on purpose. I bet they are fully capable of having quiet sex if they were in a room next door to their parents....

The more you blog Om, the more your home sounds like a doss house. I'm sure your mum and dad are horrified because I sure am, and I'm almost like a mother figure. See?

The Kooks are in my top five albums of the year for me, along with Foster the People, Ball Park Music, Danger Mouse, The Wombats and Sparcadia (lets pretend its five and not six). Spoilt for choice with music this year...the Hottest 100 is going to be hard to limit to 10 songs.....

Oh, and I've also seen a doco on carers taking their carees (?) to prostitutes. I'm pretty sure it was on 4 corners....It was very interesting. I have a feeling you would be a natural ;-)

And I've been meaning to ask for aaaaages, what the hell is seb derm? All these technical terms...I feel so marginalized.

Oh, and I've just realised that you must have started your exams today....... I'm belatedly crossing my fingers and toes for you.

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Oh man, you've seen Ball Park a few times? Damn, I've not seen them once, unless you count J-tv on ABC2 who showed a live concert of them. They look a lot of fun.

Dandruff of the face? Really? You know what this calls for don't you. I'm wanting (read - needing) a close up photo of the dandruffy chin. I mean, look at the appalling photos of me I put up on this site....Its only fair that you reciprocate..... Its bad enough that you show off with your sepia toned super model photo.......

And lots and lots and lots of luck for your last two exams. Now remember....no talking about them afterwards. Just say you aced every question.

Oh and you would know danger mouse. His hit for this year was "two against one" with jack white singing it. The album is amazeballs (that my new cool kid word for the week)

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Yeah, Ball Park is amazeballs. They just make you want to bounce around for the rest of the night, they have this uber happy energy going on, that you have to experience it live! The bass chick is the best, she has big hair, and crazy costumes, and busts out the keytar on occassion.

Hell no!! You did not go there girlfriend. I'm not showing any close-ups of my face. That is just weird (I mean who does that?), and is not a sight I could even bare to see, especially without the goodness of sepia tone.

The song is a little familiar, I'll download the album...

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What?! No fair! I did up-close special editions of "What the heck is that?!", it's only fair you reciprocate!

And seborrheic dermatitis (besides being a bitch to spell), occurs on your scalp too Om, that's where I've got it. It's basically cradle cap, but for adults. It's mature and sophisticated cradle cap. Hence my amazing pun (which no one commented on! Boo, people... boo.) about Selsunning the cra(dle ca)p out of my scalp. Seb derm is what all the cool kids have, you're totes missing out. I mean what's the point of being red and spotty if you can't be itchy and flaky too, amIright??

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Yeah, but the stuff on the scalp is a lot easier to control, and you can't see it. So it doesn't count. :P You're not hardcore unless you have it on your face.

Lol, I didn't ask anyone to do close-ups of anything, so I'm not reciprocating.

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