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Day One



Today is my first day on Accutane (actually, more like yesterday since I am currently writing this blog post at 2 in the morning). Anyway, call me Tricia, I am 17 years old. My height is 5'5-6, weighing around...140lbs? I haven't checked recently, but does it really matter? My acne began as soon as I hit puberty, which was 5 years ago. At first, acne was not something I really thought about. I mean, I was young. I thought it was a temporarily "puberty" thing. However, as years passed, the acne remained dormant across my forehead.

I became desperate and so did my mom when it came to the point of removing the "crap" out of my face. I used a lot of useless products that I think may have worsen my face over time. Such as, proactiv, clean and clear, neutrogena, home remedies (green tea, apple cider topicals...etc), exfoliating scrubs, benzaclin..and a lot more, I can't even remember their names anymore. Finally, after 5 effing years, I got the courage to go to the dermatologist. As soon as she observed my face, she instantly recommended Accutane. I was quite iffy about this product because of some of its negative results and side effects that I've researched. But whatever, trying is not gonna hurt. Unless it does. So I got my blood test done, and next thing you know I'm carrying a month-supply box.

I would describe my face as...mild? My face is not severe at all. I have full control when it comes to subconsciously picking pimples and I eat very healthy meals. My acne is not hormonal. New ones grow whenever they feel like it. I would consider my face as "combination" type, since I have both dry and oily areas; however, it's mostly oily, so I really don't know anymore. I don't have acne on my forehead anymore, it descended to my temples and to the sides of my cheeks. It's those kind of acne that you can easily cover with concealer but it's also the kind of acne that is VERY sensitive to any products used. So yeah. I will try to post weekly depending on my schedule and possibly post with pictures as well. Also, maybe state any of the side effects that may occur or any problems I come across with.


Hi Tricia :)

Hope everything goes well for you on Accutane and you get the results you want. Best of luck!

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Hey Tricia, I just started Accutane as well! I also started a blog, but discovered I can't post pictured until I'm not a 'new member' anymore... *sigh*.. anyways, good luck, we're on the right track now!

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