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A Title Longer Than 2 Characters



So on Tuesday the whole world (okay just most of our country then) was put on hold for approximately one hour to watch a bunch of horses race around a grassed oval. The downside of this, is that for approximately one hour (or more often the majority of the worknig day), companies shut down to watch the race on TV/being streamed, eat finger food, and drink cheap champagne. Actually what was I thinking, that's totally an upside! The downside is actually that I invariably enter about $5 in the office sweep and regardless of which horses I draw, (from the favourite to the wooden-spooner), I lose my money. But that's okay, I'm not much of a gambler and probably spend about $5 a year in total on gambling, so each year I chalk it up to one hour's entertainment, and eat another cube of cheese.

This year, however, my luck changed for the better. No, I didn't win hundreds of dollars, like some unknown blogger, but I did win "best hat" award (being a presumably rather cheap and nasty bottle of wine), for my highly sophisticated foray into the world of millinery (see attached photo). I am disregarding the fact that I was one of only two participants to don headwear, and chalking the victory up to the quality of the article in question.

Umm... Skin-wise I am yet to pay penance for my excessive makeup usage on Halloween (yay!!). Pretty lucky, actually, but that could be because my skin is biding its time, laying in wait until the the most inopportune moment, such as any potential social gatherings on the weekend. I think it's been a bit to long since we had a gross out, so here's an in-depth acne update: My chest is still clear, except for scarring, and my face only has a couple of healing spots on my hairline. My giant pores (they remind me of that desert thing with teeth in the Star Wars movie, they're that big [in my mind, anyway]. Must watch those movies, I'm not sure I've actually seen them through. And I feel judged for not having watched them. Stop judging me, people!) seem to have shrunk a bit, yay! And I'm not getting the obvious sebum plugs as often these days, which is awesome. Really trying not to scratch or mess with anything, because I'm hoping in time (over geological timescales perhaps) the scars and PIH will heal. Back-wise I still have scarring and a few older sites. I have a feeling one lump which I thought was dying is actually a sleeper, and is planning to assassinate any hope of wearing a singlet soon.

Hmm, today I should be creating a poster for next week (poster has to be submitted tomorrow, whoops), but I'm much more interested in the layout and design, rather than the content, and as such have still not written it. In researching layout tips, I found out that there are actually people out there who are paid to make scientific posters (for conferences, etc.) look pretty. I would love to do that job. I mean being paid to be simultaneously fun, creative and anal retentive, whilst getting a taste of a variety of different research fields? Sign me up!

Anyway I guess I better get back to it. Here's the layout I've played with so far today. Hard to critique it yet, due to the lack of content eusa_whistle.gif


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Ba ha ha. I love the poster layout. Especially the overview of what shit might mean part. That's how I template my assignments as well. The last (and only) poster I did was for anatomy. But I hardly contributed to it, besides writing the abstract. It was something about kidney arterial variations. I think we had some cool pictures. You really should consider putting a giant photo of a kidney in the background. It worked for us. Don't worry about the content. No one actually reads these things, they just look at the pictures, oh and the interesting titles. So essentially I think you could just make up the content, maybe insert some Terry Pratchett passages in several sections.

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Oh, haha, you can read that, huh? Whoops! ;)

I love the kidney idea, I may try and use that in my next one. I did manage to insert a few Sherlock Holmes quotes though. Probably a little obscure in a scientific poster, but I'm going to give my audience the benefit of the doubt, and let them attempt to work it out.

And yup, I did just make up the content... Shhh...

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Heading 4 is also my favourite. In fact, why don't you submit a scientific poster on how to create scientific posters?

Ps. I nearly lost my shit when I saw the bumble bee antennae. They are hot!

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