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Thoughts, Questions And Observations From An Accutane Newbie.


This is day eight of accutane. I've had moderate to severe acne for four years now, ad have been on all the brand name AND generic topicals and antibiotics. I used everything from the expensive skincare line PCA, costcos proactiv genric and the drugstore clearasil gels. Then I waited a year.

The result of waiting? A terrible, huge 5 month break out on both my cheeks following the cheekbone. Dark red, deep and painful nodules that are starting to clear a little bit on accutane. I still have lots of hyper pigmentation on both cheeks and lots of whiteheads on my chin in the groove between my lips and chin, they're small though. Accutane has managed to miraculously get rid of all the persistant whitehead from my nose to my cheek! That makes me feel so much more positive about this treatment.

I believe my initial breakout is in it's beginning stages - small and medium pimples that were not there prior to starting my medication (60mgs once a day) have come to head. My nodules seem to have gotten a tiny bit smaller.

One thing though, I'm TERRIFIED of scarring. I have a couple ice pick type scars on my right cheek, but I SO want to prevent anymore. I've struggled with poor skin all thoughout high school and some university, and the idea of finally clearing up but being left with lots of scarring breaks my heart. I know it sounds melodramatic, but I just want to be pretty for once. To regain my confidence and not worry that people see the acne before they see me. I'm going home from university in 51 days. I want to lose 15 pounds and have clearer skin when I step off the plane. I can't wait to see everyone's faces when they see my little transformation.

Do any more experience bloggers have any advice for me? I'm curious to know how people prevented/treated early scars. I'm moisturizing and using a gentle face wash, but is there anything else I can do? What about those scar patches/creams they sell at the supermarket. The scars are new- has anyone had any success with those?

Also, I usually wax both my eyebrows and my upper lip (curse of the dark hair) but I won't be able to for another year! Ladies - what did you do? I will probably pluck my eyebrows a bit, but I am afraid of misshaping them! What about the upper lip?

I'm living abroad without health insurance right now, so the monthly blood tests and doctors appointments are expensive; I want to gather as much information a possible before I book an extraneous appointment.


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This is awesome. I'm also moving home from uni soon, and want to lose 15 lbs, and will be CLEAR for the first time in my life :D

Scars- use aloe + vitamin E. If you don't want to buy an aloe plant, buy the leaves individually.. I get them from the supermarket for like .89 cents each. It's all natural, no preservatives like the stuff you get in the bottle. I sometimes cut a piece of the leaf and put it directly onto the spot on my face, cover with a bandaid overnight. :)

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Guest finallyfoundfix


Yep, aloe and vitamin e for scarring is best. I have been dealing with acne for almost 3 decades! Now that you are on Accutane, although it may seem counter-intuitive - i find people managing acne do not like moisturizing usually- , you may also wish to use a light moisturizer such as derma e brand (alpha lipoderm/alpha lipoic/green tea.) I keep mine in the fridge to ensure freshness, and it feels nice and cool when first applied. It does help nourish the skin. I found Derma e has a many other nice moisturizing options as well, but settled on the above as a fav.

I know you did not ask.. but may I share some additional personal experience with you? I hope that, should it be helpful down the road, you might recall this:.(note, I assume you are female -plucking eyebrows and all :-) )

I have taken Accutane 3 times over the course of approx. 15 years! For me, (and this is not very hopeful, but everyone is different, right?) the posititve effects attained each time diminished more quickly following each treatment, although, luckily, I never experioenced side effects beyond chapped lips (vaseline works best). Finally, my Dr. recommended I should not take Accutane anymore because it is hard on the liver and kidneys, and we identified my problem as being hormone related. I have "hormonally sensitive skin" : Meaning, my skin is sensitive to hormonal fluctuations, but there is absolutely nothing abnormal about my hormone levels and this was verified by a visit to the endocrinologist. So, Accutane cleared my problem beautifully, but it did not address the cause and consequently the positive effects did not last.

But, for the last 2 years I have been taking Spironolactone 50mg daily. This stuff is incredible! It has made a tremedous differance. I still get the occasional break-out (like 'normal' people ?), but this is easily treated with topical clyndamyacin (Dalacin-T) which I can use in combination with Spiro.

I have suffered my whole life with acne, including cystic acne. As you know, it has to be pretty bad before they prescribe accutane. But, I have modelled, people assume I am 10 years younger than my actual age, and I have minimal scarring. My best advise (honestly, so hard to do) do not pick! Be very gentle with your skin, use the aloe and e. And, if (heaven forbid) your problem returns several years after completing your accutane treatment, please consider the above. Every Good Wish.

PS: Accutane was a miracle -while it lasted.

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