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Day 8



my head inches. everything itches. My redness is going away so quickly. used to be such a problem.

my lips are like falling off haha.

still have quite a few bumps, but with the redness gone they're easy to hide under some makeup :)

being grounded is boring as. been watching big bang theory on my laptop, nearly out of episodes :(

gotta get out some greys or something from the video shop haha

going to have an alright weekend. looking after my little brother, having my best friend over (and now only friend that i hang out with, cause my dad says im not allowed to see my other mate, cause he thinks he is in love with me and im leading him on)



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Big Bang Theory for the win! New episodes start in the UK tomorrow, that's my evening sorted. :D

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haha its pretty awesome aye! every time i watch it all i wanna do is study and be a nerd and talk smart to people

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I feel smarter simply by watching it! All it takes is just remembering one random scientific fact, nobody needs to know we stole it from a TV show! lol.gif

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haha, we are smart!

thats cool :) just be patient. Its freaking hard, but it will be worth it :)

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