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Maintaining Clarity!



Well, so far so good! I've been on my current regimen of 25mg Spiro, 800-160 Bactrim, Cerave facewash and Acanya (topical) for over a month now, and the results are looking pretty good! I'm staying between 85-95% clear on my face, neck & chest- which is amazing for me! Especially considering my average, untreated skin was usually only around 25% clear on a good day, 5-10% when I was having a breakout. The awful sporadic cystic acne on my chest has all but vanished since I started the Bactrim ( thank God) and I no longer have any cysts on my face/neck area at all (knock on wood). My back is still being a bit troublesome, mainly because its the hardest place to wash thoroughly and apply topicals to. The Bactrim has really helped, however, and I'm starting to use the Atralin (retinA) cream on my shoulders and what parts of my back I can reach. I know it may "get worse before it gets better" as many people say happens with retinA, but its getting chilly enough outside that tank tops, swim suits and strapless anything is definitely out of season for a while. I still have the occasional pimple or two on my face at any given time, but the severity is so drastically decreased- its amazing. These things go away in a day or so and don't leave deep red marks. And really, if I wouldn't pick at clogged pores or wear hairspray, I wouldn't get those occasional little zits. I'm being a lot more strict on myself about not touching anything unless it really needs it, and avoiding hairspray on a daily basis and using it only for certain occasions when necessary. Hopefully, in another months time I'll still be maintaining- if not improving- the clarity of my skin! Till then :)


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