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Day 6



... ok, so lifes just fantastic right now! (not really).

had a fall out with a friend, so now i have a total of..(drum roll) 2 friends to hang out with! yuss!!

anyways, onto my ugly face.

woke up with dry skin. my nose is flaking and yuck!

my lips are chapped :/

also, i coloured my hair on saturday to distract people i know from my face. but apparently now i look withdrawn from meth or something. So thankfully i have some sweet hair skills and will pull highlights and pink tones in it :P

ok that was a long and boring entry, gah sorry


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Might as well look on the bright side... Two friends are better than none! smile.png

And I'm told the meth-withdrawl look is all the rage this season so, if that's what you're going for, you are bang on trend. wink.png

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Woah, there seem to be a lot of hair-dye mishaps at the moment, remind me to avoid the hairdressers for a while! ;) Photo, photo!

I don't mean to pry (okay yes I totally do, I'll admit it, I'm sorry), but what was the falling out about? It sucks to lose a friend over relatively inconsequential things that you kick yourself for later.

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haha it wasnt really a hair mishap. the colour just doesnt really look to good. but i wear makeup so it may just be it didn't match up very well haha, its fixed up now :P

well the fall out was kinda really complicated and a long story. but to make it short. my friend decided she doesn't need me anymore cause her best friend moved to town and got a job at her work... in a business which my dad owns. and its darn hard to get a job these days. you think she would be thankful that i got her a job in the first place. anywho! its not like she hates me, its just alot of people do. and she said "she can't hang out with me, cause i have a bad reputation" which i do, yes most people think im some kinda loose canon, but i thought at least as a real friend she would understand ( or at least try to) but no. . her and her best friend, and her new boyfriend (my ex) are apparently all she needs.

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Wow you have an exciting (and totally dramatic) life.

I find it unusual that a friend would decide not to hang out with you because of your so-called reputation... You must be in highschool? Because generally that doesn't happen out in the real world! Seriously, don't feel bad about it, teenagers are stupid, and we make stupid decisions at a time when our hormones are going psycho. I know, because I was one not too long ago (trying to hold onto any semblance of youth, haha! I still get asked for ID, that counts, right?!). If I could go back and meet myself back then in high school I'd kick myself squarely on the arse for being such a nincompoop.

Cool! What colour did you go?? Is it the white blonde and pink in your profile pic?

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