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Late Sleep In, Purple Finger ( I Kid U Not Resery :p), Yummy Food And Mismatched Socks



I am trying to give you all a run for your money with this heading lol :P

Well this morning I woke up at 10.30 ( probably for the first time in about 10 yrs lol) no jokes!!

My standard wake up time when i work is round 6.30 and even on off days is usually between 8 and 9 so imagine my surprise this morn :) well i feel like a million bucks ( mm maybe more like a thousand but anyhoo)

Today was packing day for our trip, so i hauled alllllll the clothes out the cupboard. You know when you know exactly what u always wear and how each outfit looks but somehow before u go away u end up like a kid in a candy store and just have to try on eeeeverything yet again as if its the very first time you are doing so. Of course only to feel afterwards like a fat cow and like noooothing fits properly or looks good hehe ( ok maybe this is just me wacko.png )

Then I decide to pack socks so headoff to the scary sockdraw to see what we can find. Now let me backtrack a bit and tell you that i am not very 'together' when it comes to neatly packing away socks in pairs etc. My hubby wants to kill me alot of the time as i tend to take his socks and use them ( mismatched of course). Its not for lack of trying to put them in pairs but there are just so many and its always easier to just grab the first two that fall out the draw eusa_doh.gifso i managed to find just 4 pairs out of the billions in there.. so still packed a few mistmatched ones too :) isnt your life just that much more complete after i told u this story?

Then ( Yes Res im serious) I dyed my hair as I thought the rich purply red colour would be glorious, turns out it works better on my finger than on my head ( ok no i havnt dried it yet so cant tell u that part ) BUT the finger does not lie people! I have what looks like a lovely POO stain on the inside of my thumb just in time to go to that very upmarket getaway (pic included for extra impact wahahaha). any clue how to take off said stains will be most helpful :)

Have just eaten a massive plate of lamb stew and am now cuddled up on the couch with heater blazing and getting my fix of blog time :) how i love my blog time, although i must say it seems like there are fewer and fewer people blogginf? or is that just me?

Ok so on the skin front - red marks are still red, no big bumps or anything its all flat and scabby but def not good enough to post pics. Ive been a lazy bum when it comes to the zinc pills and water, so must start that up again soon.

and otherwise im just SUPER AMPED for our trip away, we are going to eat ourselves silly and just enjoy every minute, cant wait to share all when im back :) tomorrow im going shopping for last minute goodies and yum snacks like figs biltong biscuits etc... man i love food!!

hope u all have an awesome week ahead wiggle.gif


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So that's the way to test these things is it - dip your finger in it to see if you like the colour of the resulting stain before you pour it on your head? Good to know, should I ever wish to dye my hair green or something... wink.png

Between people dressing like the undead or dying themselves all shades of goodness knows what, I've nothing entertaining to add to my blog by comparison. At this rate, I am actually going to have to go ahead and dye myself blue so I can become a Smurf!

Don't forget to post us a picture of your hair and all its wonderful new purpleyness before you go away! smile.png

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YES do it Paul become a smurf!! you could be mmmm snapper smurf :D(snapper cause of pics not because ur snappy or anything ;)

i suppose i can post a pic later of the hair - it will be a blog with no content , i shall label it The hair!

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