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So today I finally saw my Hospital Dermatologist/Specialist after waiting 5 weeks for my NHS Referral, I don't really know if I'm happy or not.

So he asked me to explain my entire medical history with acne, everything I've ever been prescribed, taken, used etc.

He took me off Duac Cream (5% BP + Clindamycin) and put me on Epiduo (2.5% BP + Adapalene/Differin), again to use once a day. He also put me on Tetralysal/Lymecycline tablets, which I was on when I was younger which did keep my mild acne at bay, which I don't really understand as I thought I'd grown resistant to it as it sort of 'stopped' working, but the derm knows best right? He said my cleanser should be fine (Simple) but that I should try and not moisturize too much, and only use a tiny bit when my skin was dry. He gave me a sample of 'Aquamol' and said his personal recommendation was 'Dermol 500'. He said if the Epiduo irritated my skin too much to try switching to Cetaphil Cleanser (but not the moisturizer).

I was hoping for a different antibiotic, say Minocycline which I've heard great things about, but hey. Standard UK procedure now, back in 3 months for a revaluation of my regimen, I pick up the meds tomorrow, bit nervous about experiencing the dreaded 'Initial Breakout' from the Differin, but my skin has got so shitty lately I really don't mind.

I'm also stopping taking my Cod Liver Oil, as I think it's doing nothing for me, just going to make sure I eat Salmon & Mackerel a few times a week.

Let the adventure continue....


I assume they increased the dosage compared to when you took Lymecycline before?

I think I'd be kind of annoyed by how that played out. It depends what you wanted I suppose. Were you hoping for anything in particular? Accutane?

I'd be like you I reckon, not really sure what to make of it. I mean, what's the sense in them having you wait all that time for a referral, just so they can give you things which your GP can prescribe?

Still, at least you're in touch with a derm now and they can perhaps do more for you than a GP could. That's a bonus. Fingers crossed the new regimen works well for you. smile.png

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I can't really remember my dosage last time, he said that it's rare to become 'resistant' to an antibiotic and as it has been 4 years since I was last on one chances are it'll work again.

We'll just see, my GP never really knew anything, she couldn't advise me on cleansers or moisturisers and I think I knew more about acne medications than she did, where as my derm seemed to know his stuff. He's openly said that if this regimen doesn't help then we will consider accutane.

Thanks, fingers crossed.

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