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Weaning Off Birth Control.



I'm on my second week and I've started cutting off part of my pills. First week I cut 1/4th off, now I'm cutting something like 2/3rds, next week will be halves, and then I'll be on the low dose pills ("shark week"). Then I'll start the half fragments, then the 2/3rds, then the 1/4ths, and maybe start cutting those in half too. I think it's time I stopped messing with my body's hormones with excess estrogen, I've been on birth control for about 4 years, I switched types and quit for something like 2 months in that period and I've read it's not good for women to be on it past 4 years (need to look into this more as I'm not sure why but it makes sense). So for overall health reasons. I was originally on it via Planned Parenthood but was prescribed a mini-pill (less estrogen) when I started seeing a derm (who was a Nurse Ratchet type, the first one anyway).

I'm not sure if this is the best method but the idea of stopping abruptly, bleeding (which will most likely happen anyway as it does with pill skipping, etc.), and my body getting used to it doesn't appeal to me. Someone on the internet (what a dependable source) suggested just taking your last month as you would normally and letting your body adapt. I'm hoping that my method is easing me into a BCP-free life but I may actually just be sending my hormones on a roller coaster ride. Eep.

Anyway I'll be looking at supplements to take towards the last week, perhaps Dong Quai or Saw Palmetto. Definitely plan on being more consistent with Evening Primrose Oil during that period as well.

Oh, and I'm sexually active. Gonna have to figure that one out.


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