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Day 77



I'm now halfway through my course and today I woke up to a new pimple on my chin (it's actually the first "new" pimple I've had in a while...my issues for the last few weeks have been old cysts that get re-inflamed). Oddly enough, I am actually kind of excited about it because it's a normal pimple, not a cyst, and I never get normal pimples on my chin, so I am REALLY hoping that this means my cyst days are over! I do still have two tiny cysts healing on my chin, but I think Accutane is doing its job and is getting rid of my cystic acne!!

I've got to do my labs at the end of next week, and since I have been drinking a few times a week, I need to cut out the alcohol and processed foods until my test. I would be PISSED at myself if I couldn't continue Accutane because my labs came back with bad news! Other than a little dryness, prolonged flushing when I get hot or embarrassed, and some achy joints, the side effects aren't too bad.


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