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Acne And I Have A Bipolar Relationship, Strive For Perfection?



I guess you could say one minute my skin and I are getting along smoothly and the next It makes me so aggrivated that I just wanted to scream! I think I get more aggrivated when I pick at my skin because I know I'm the reason for all of my own unhappiness and damage. It's funny to think that although none of us believe it, no one is perfect and we are all suffering from something whether it be on the inside or the outside.. I have been making an effort to realize that even though I will have minor scarring and some imperfections when I'm done my Accutane treatment that it is the overall change and skin improvement regarding texture, tone, and amount of acne I should be concentrating on, not pure perfection. I guess I am just way too hard on myself, however I am a virgo and therefore I am anylytical and over think everything :) Any body else like this?


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