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Where's Wally / Waldo / Charlie? (Day 72)



Now I know you guys missed me, it's been so long since my last entry, so here's a quick bullet-point entry to bring me back up to date (hehehe);


  • I did not go to the shopping centre and buy all the things I meant to (blender for smoothies/margaritas, sieve and mixer for baking chocolate-chip biscuits, non-comedogenic makeup, toothpicks)
  • I did not wash my spare towels, or do my ironing, or go to the supermarket and buy healthy (or indeed any) food
  • I did not go for the 8 km jog I wanted to do (or in fact go jogging at all)
  • I did not manage to avoid scratching the spots on my face and my back (whoops)
  • I exfoliated using a new back scrubby thing. I'm sure you need to know this. It's exciting stuff.

I did however, sleep in until after lunch, and then joined a few of my friends at the pub (two hours "late", naturally), and dressed up as Where's Wally using the shirt, blue jeans, red/white/blue (AFL team) beanie, giant candy cane (I'm serious this thing is huge, and yes, it's made of actual candy!), and black plastic glasses with the 3D lenses removed. I looked hot, if by hot you mean could potentially be confused with an eccentric hobo (is there any other kind?) with a penchant for stripes. So it turned out I was the only one dressed up, which was pretty hilarious. I walked into the pub and stood behind a group of people doing the Wally pose (with straight arms and cane extended), until my friends noticed me. It was pretty amusing, if I do say so myself. I also did this periodically as I passed by restaurant windows. I like to think at least one person saw me and said to their dinner partner "Was that Where's Wally?!". I enjoyed myself, despite not being able to have dinner, or go for a run, despite leaving the pub at about 8.30 pm (shortly after I got home a storm struck. Touché, weatherman). I do enjoy jogging though (and more importantly the benefits of being able to eat icecream whenever I want to), so am feeling a bit fat and lazy at the moment. My jeans feel a little too tight eusa_shhh.gif ...


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Whoa whoa whoaaaa! Where did this entry appear from? Hang on a minute, let me get this right....You didnt get up until after lunch???? Wow. Thats all i've got to say.

Oh, except for my jeans feel a little too tight at the moment too, but I blame the jeans. They always play tricks on me. Maybe yours are little tricksters too?

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That must be the case. I think they get tighter each time I wash them, must be shrinkable fabric or something. Can't be anything more than that.

You've never slept in until after lunch?! You really are a morning person (blech)!

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