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Onookie Cooia Aia Ala Oha Kia



Oui, je ne comprends pas aussi (ha ha, forgive me, my french is about as good as my Hawaiian). My terrible piece of onomatopeia is an attempt at remembering a song I learnt when I was in primary school. It was a Christian song about respecting the Lord, only it was in Hawaiian. So basically my brain just remembers it as a lot of vowel sounds, with /ah/ or /eea/ on the end. When you're singing in Hawaiian you know you've had a good weekend.

I just came from a 1970's themed beach party. Yeah man, Leis and Hawaiian shirts all 'round. It was a frightening experience, really. I thought it was definitely appropriate for pre-Halloween. Hawaiian shirts should have been outlawed years ago...But I was enjoying the coconuts. So, it was my ex-best friend's (our bromance has declined) birthdays. We had some food, we drank a considerable amount of goon punch, we laughed, we played endless amounts of guitar and sang in several languages as we are apt to do. It was great, but it was also kind of a painful reminder of how I'm not in that clique anymore. Mostly just because my ex is besties with his girlfriend, and they're all in relationships, so they're all super duper coupley. They have couple camping, couple craft, couple cannoli, couple conferences, couple coffee, couple cinema...Enough to make any single person want to vomit. So I only really get to hang out with him once a month, maybe. But needless to say, it was a fun afternoon, and hopefully I'll actually have time to go surfing with him come summer.

My morning was also quite nice. I went to work, like I do every Sunday. So I'm a disability support worker, not because I'm actually a decent person, but because they pay well (jokes, JOKES). On Sundays I just drive my client to church and then back home. I'm not really sure if I like the church yet. It's charismatic brethren, so they're services are at least interesting, but I don't really seem to fit in there. It's full of children and families and old people. So most of the time I just awkwardly stand around, look young, and imagine they perceive me as some sort of liberal hippy. I always feel like I should do more to annoy their conservative souls.

This one Sunday I went and the pastor actually declared that he was disgusted by men kissing on some TV show and that we should turn off such filth. I must admit I find it a little disconcerting when I see guys kiss (I'm from a regional area, ok) but I wouldn't change the channel or stop watching a show I like just because it has guys kissing. How homophobic/intolerant/hate-preaching can you be?! I think I nearly walked out of that service in disgust. Rant over. Actually I'm thinking maybe I should try and get one of my friends to come along with me, and we could act like a gay couple. I wonder how uncomfortable they'd be. Would they just crucify us on the spot?

Anyway, most of the time I go and the service is quite nice/boring. But this morning the word was interesting (coming from the homophobic pastor too) and I got to talk to my piano-playing engineer friend (who is the only other youngish guy that goes there) for like 1/2 an hour. I always love talking to fellow geeks, the conversation is always interesting, they just know so much! So overall a highly satisfactory Sunday.

I also slept for over half of Saturday and watched an interesting film on Saturday night. It was called Cherry, about some young guy in an Ivy League college with a crush on a thirty year old women, who has a teen daughter. Awkward situations ensue. Not your stereotypical coming-of-age movie. Worth a look if you like indie-ish dramedies. I also cooked on Saturday night, my satay had vegetables (for some reason I enunciate it like veg-i-tay-bles) and did a workout.

Altogether a splendiferous weekend. If I do say so myself.

Oh yes, token statement about my skin. It looks good. I shaved today so it's a little irritated. But otherwise it's improving. :D


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A nineteen seventies beach-themed party, how exciting! That sounds like heaps of fun. Except the overly-coupley thing. I think you should've brought along a male friend to that thing, and pretended that your ex turned you gay, hahaha! That would've been hilarious. I'm quite disturbed by the couple craft and couple cannoli images... I imagine it's partly artistic license (nice alliteration is nothing to be sniffed at), but the thought of people actually doing that stuff makes me a little queasy, I'll admit. So you were serious about the surfing thing? Wow, impressive. I can barely stay upright standing on the ground, let alone on a floating-board thing lying on the ocean (technical term?).

*they're? (shudder) Haha! I'm loving the image of you lurking in the corner like the liberal hippy that you are, and old people muttering to each other and telling their grandchildren horror stories about how if they avoid saying grace before they eat they'll end up like you. Absolutely think you should bring your friend to a service. I'm all for expanding people's tolerances; it's a community service, right? ;) Ugh, homophobic sermons (is that the correct term?) are the worst, I'm surprised you didn't wait outside for the duration of it, I probably would've had to.

Are you doing Movember?? Please tell me you are!

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Ha ha, yeah, they're all about the queasy factor. This one time when we were camping in Byron, there was three of us in this small tent, and they decide to start making out in the corner. We weren't drinking, we'd just woken up. Needless to say I got up and stormed out of the tent. ha ha. They were the most PDA couple I'd ever seen. Maybe I'm also jealous, but seriously save it for the bedroom. But they have now gotten better. The high-school musical moments have decreased.

I wasn't actually serious. I suck at surfing, but I do enjoy the trying to part. I can just stand-up. I'm pretty unco and need to invest in a mini-mal to make things easier. Doesn't help that the Gold Coast is ridiculously overcrowded and full of psycho get-the-eff-out-of-my-way surfers. But when you have a good day, stand-up for more than 2 seconds, and just experience that adrenaline rush, it's worth it. Even some days, just floating around on a board in the ocean is magical enough.

Lol, I'll have to do that. Don some rainbow, some glitter, and somehow get in contact with the LGBT movement and invite everyone to a service. I'm sure they'd be appreciative. I'd like to see them squirm.

Yes, I am! (No, I'm not doing Movember. I'm just not ready for the seedy moustache yet! I'm trying to get rid of this seb derm too) Sorry to disappoint. Maybe you should give it a go? ;)

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Yes I also enjoy a little bit of poetic literature license and particularly found great satisfaction with the couples couplets. I say, well done old chap.

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