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29Th October 2011 - Post Accutane - 74 Days



It's been a while since I last posted and it's been a while since I took my last Accutane pill...

As far as results go, the improvements to my skin are incredible. I haven't had a spot anywhere on my body in at least a month! The marks from my previous ones are still there though but are continuing to fade. They are barely noticeable (: Last week I went on holiday with my family and I brought a friend and it was the first time that I went swimming without a top on in years, and it felt great not having to worry about what people though of my back! I mean you can still see it, but not really, only if you look hard. I expect my back will be completely clear by the end of the year, fingers crossed! (:

As far as side effects go incase I didn't mention previously, I suffered from really dry, peeled lips whilst on the drug and really dry skin. They went very quickly; within the week of coming off them which was fantastic. My whole skin in general has been incredible. My skin on my face was never that bad at all, but since being on the drug and coming off it, my skin on my face is so smooth, and I've had multiple compliments about how good my skin looks from a bunch of people, and I never thought I would be the person getting compliments on my skin!

I am so happy with the results from this drug and I am looking forward to seeing the ongoing improvements that hopefully lay ahead of me!

Good Luck to anyone who's struggling with severe acne, I know exactly what you're going through, trust me (:


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