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59 Days! - Spending The Day With Mr. Cadbury



I'm going to post today's blog in invisible bullet points. Chic? I think so. Indie? Kinda. Plan B after normal bullet points appeared in random places, deleted original post and lead to a mental breakdown? Yes.

In yesterday's blog I wrote how happy I'm feeling in life, so my life has decided that that's just weird, Renn having a positive outlook? Let's fix that. I woke up this morning feeling like I'd been run over by the stampede that killed Simba's dad. What was Simba's dad called again? I know it began with an 'm'. Mulan? No, that's the Disney film about the wartime transvestite...Mowgli? No, wrong animal... Micheal? Mikey? Meg? Google tells me Mufasa. Moving back to the point, I'm hurting. I've got that 'day-before-you-have-a-flu' feeling, where your body aches and head hurts etc. Also, I hurt my knee the other day on the Wii. Accutane + Hypermobility = avoid exercise altogether, apparently. I was only on a game for 15 minutes! It's still hurting bad so I might have to get it checked out if it doesn't improve soon. When I try to walk up stairs I look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, but with less sophistication and more cursing.

Back to 6th Form on Monday and I still haven't finished all my homework. Geography essay and two English essays, urgh. Why do I always leave it till the last minute? Maybe my body gets a buzz that I'm unaware of.

Weather is horrible. Depressingly cold and rainy; stereotypical English dampness. The plants are shrivelling and the leaves are throwing themselves off of tall trees. Even the bird in my garden looks like it's about to pull out a twig and slit it's wings or impale itself on top of a Hedgehog. I just want to sit with my friend Cadbury Chocolate, alone, with a hot cup of tea. Days like today reaffirms my belief that English babies are injected after birth with a drug which makes them immune to the gloominess of England, helping lower the migration/suicide rate.

Skin-wise I'm also in pain. That huge monster of a cyst near my lip is surfacing, and every time I move my mouth it stings. I've put toothpaste on it to try and dry it out because I've read that works. I'm getting desperate now though, I want it gone before Monday so I won't have it in class (it's so distracting) I might try other household objects, perhaps smother it in gravy or sprinkle it with paprika, or balance a Jacob's Cracker on it...bash it with a Baguette like an easy version of the game 'Whack-a-Mole'. I'm hungry now.

*pic of monster spot in gallery


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:naughty: This won't do! Back to the positive outlook of yesterday please!

:lol: I tried toothpaste on spots once. I used waaaay too much and pretty much melted my face off. Apparently, Colgate doubles up as acid when applied to my skin. Who'da thunk it? :eh:

There's no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong kind of clothing. That being said, I donned my Parka and my purple fingerless man-mittens (as sported in my picture) and walked through the woods for an hour or so this morning. Bit of Kasabian on the iPod, sorted. Treated myself to a couple of sausage rolls from Greggs as a reward afterwards. Nom nom nom! See, none of that would have happened had I not chosen the right clothing. I can be smart when I try. ;)

Sucks about the Wii-related injury. Here's hoping that's feeling better soon! Still, at least you can do your homework while you rest it. I never thought I'd be one to suggest homework. I must be getting old! Got to be done I suppose. The homework I mean, not getting old. I refuse to get old! Just make sure you keep up that regular dose of vitamin C(hocolate) to get you through. :D

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A few sugary treats seems to have cheered me up a bit, yay for chocolate!

Too much of it does tend to burn :lol: I forgot I had it on once and when I looked in the mirror I thought I was producing milk from my face.

'Man-mittens' is the king of oxymorons. You walked through the woods with an iPod in? *dons mam voice* you could have been killed! You wouldn't have been able to hear an angry badger or a psychopath sneaking up behind you! -Drools- Greggs!...by the way, that drool was for the latter statement, not the one about the badgers/psychopaths.

Thanks, but I still haven't started my homework! I'm just lying across a settee feeling sorry for myself, watching repeats of Come Dine with Me and the odd episode of SpongeBob-which is a bad idea because whenever a fish dish comes up on Come Dine I feel like crying because I recognise the sealife from Spongebob.

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Chin up hun at least u have a brill sense on humour still to keep urself smiling LOL

AND I LOVE WHACK A MOLE in my old jolb i used to pass the hours away and get rid of frustration doing that hehehe

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a computer game when it was boring:) u whack moles as they come out the ground by clicking them quickly...ah do u mean the other whack a mole hehe??

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Hey I can't see your gallery photo comments, and I don't want to add some in case I say the same thing as someone before me (how embarrassing, that would be akin to wearing the same dress as someone else to a function, smock horror! ;) )

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I have the comment problem too, it's so annoying! Wish someone would fix that D: I have yet to be caught in that situation :P

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