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Quick Post About New Facial Mask!



Ok guys so I had to do a quick blog post to brag about how much I love this new facial mask I just bought. So today I thought maybe I should jump start the healing process of all these flaky scabby pimples (Ew!) So I went to CVS to get some Queen Helene's Mint Julep Facial Mask. I saw the CVS brand Mint Julep mask, but next to it saw something new. It's called Facial Clay Mask Avocado & Oatmeal by Freeman. I was reading about how good oatmeal is for the skin, but couldn't find any products with oatmeal in it, and I wasn't about to put oatmeal on my face, So messy. Anyways so I got really excited and bought it. It also had Try me Free! Sticker on it. Apparently there is a mail in rebate if you aren't satisfied. Although the entire 6 oz. bottle was only 2.99 or so. So I went to work and got home and washed my face. It was gross. All red, blotchy. I put this Clay & Oatmeal stuff on it and 10 minutes later when I took it off it was noticeably less inflamed, and less blotchy, and red. It also smells really good, and doesn't sting like Mint Julep masks do. I'm going to put it as a spot treatment on and leave it overnight and see how it does! But I'm already incredibly impressed it helped so much in 10 minutes. For any of you who want to try it, What have you got to lose? I love the feeling of a good facial mask. Makes you feel so clean, like you can feel it drawing the impurities out of your pores. And did I mention it smells great?!

Excuse my bloodshot eyes in the picture. I look like I smoked a bag of meth, but I am actually having an allergic reaction to my dog.


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