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Day 3



yay! still havent seen much change at all. hoping that it will kick in soon :) dreading that big breakout that everyone says they get :S

thinking maybe i should quit smoking..

cant wait to be social again :)


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Hi smile.png

Your skin looks awesome in your picture! Even if that is from an earlier point and perhaps not representative of what it's like right now, it's not so bad that you should feel the need to bail on parties, is it? Try not to fall into that trap of skipping social stuff, it doesn't help your skin and would only serve to make you feel bad about yourself.

Don't be surprised at not seeing any results as yet, still very early days. It's a long game and it takes time. You might find things get a bit worse with side effects and all, but it will get better and then continue to improve until the end result of skin you can be truly happy with.

Good luck! smile.png

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Oh, and I'd suggest that giving up smoking could only ever be a good idea, I can't imagine it does the skin much good. Plus, think of all that spare cash! ;)

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haha hey paul :P

yeah my skin is so much worse now. that was in the days that it was pretty good.

yeah smoking costs a bunch but ive been doing it since i was 13! and its hard to quit :(

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