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58 Days! - +Ve Changes, Inside & Out



18th Day on Accutane 56th Day on Accutane

blogentry-156299-0-50597900-1319817073_t blogentry-156299-0-93177700-1319817109_t

(In case you're wondering why I'm showing my 18th day instead of before Accutane it's because the before pictures aren't the same quality and it's harder to compare due to there being no flash).

I'm happy with my results so far and cannot express how relieved I am to finally be sorting out my acne after trying so many other medications. Once upon a time I'd hate the idea of going out and my first thought would be 'how on earth am I going to cover all of these spots?', but now I actually look forward to it. I'm finally getting my confidence back and I feel like I'm knocking down barriers and accomplishing something. I always thought I was depressed and self-concious for deeper reasons, but it seems that all of those horrible emotions I used to feel were all down to having acne, and now that it's being sorted I feel a weight has been lifted and I can get on with my life exactly how I want to live it, instead of living it to suit acne by staying locked away indoors and feeling like crap all of the time.

I've still got a way to go, probably have another 3 months on Accutane if my doctor decides to keep me on a low and longer dose of 5 months. I've never been so excited for christmas-not because I'm all of a sudden a festive person, but because clear skin=the best gift possible.

How I'm feeling in a picture:



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:hifive: It's great to see the comparison. Impossible not to be impressed with how far you've come and how much your skin has improved. From where I'm sitting, it looks almost perfect. Guessing you'll be able to find faults -we're our own worst critics after all - but for it to look the way it does and for you to have removed your worries about your skin must be a wonderful thing.

I'm sure I mentioned to someone on one of the Accutane logs that they'd be done by Christmas and that the results they'd see at that point would be the best Christmas present ever. Looks like that will apply to you, too! Although, we're not really supposed to mention the "C word" yet, it's faaaaar too early for that! ;)

It's interesting that you now realise the way you felt was in fact down to your skin. That's a good thing because fixing your skin automatically fixes that problem and saves you having to tackle anything else. I kind of went the opposite way in that regard, seems it does go a lot deeper. I'm glad that's not the case for you though.

Well done. Enjoy it! :)

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It's never too early for Christmas-only 57 days! I think all of my presents on christmas will consist of skin-related products, creams etc. I'm already writing my Christmas list!

I was really worried that it would be more difficult to 'get back to normal' in my head, but it seems that as I improve externally I do internally too. You may have went the opposite way because you've suffered longer than I have. I'm sure if I had had acne any longer it wouldn't be so easy to build my confidence back.

Thanks! :)

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