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Frothing & Planning



Good news everyone! *affecting a cheesy American ET! accent* This week in review: Om has completed four assignments and cleaned his house for an inspection. He may have only slept two hours last night but he looks deeply satisfied. Could this mean he finally starts paying child support to the homeless one-legged hooker?

Is your toll collector wearing pants, a skirt, or nothing but a smile? Cold breeze on the interstate, next on Sick, Sad World. (Daria)

My skin is looking fresh. In fact, to borrow a phrase from my surfing days (Did I neglect to tell you? I went pro a few years back, but left the tour to discover myself in India), I'm frothing. I've only been back using BP for two days and already my forehead has nearly completely cleared. I forgot how effective BP is, tinydan.gifYe of little faith!, I'm sure if I keep up the regime for the next couple of weeks or so any spots will fade completely. I've been talking to my pimples as well, I find that if I confront them and show them the error of their ways they tend to fade quicker. Well, I'm obliviously optimistic anyway. My seb derm is also nearly completely cleared as well. I have a few patches below my nose and, well, that's about it.

What else: hmmm we got a "Notice to Leave", but it was the good sort, "without grounds", meaning we're not evicted, the owner simply would like his house back by January. Gee, I wonder why? Ah well, we were planning on finding a new place by January anyway. Living with less people will be sooo much better. I'm thinking a smaller house (townhouse?), something without 12ft hedges that we're supposed to maintain, but it has to be cheap. So send good vibes/thoughts/prayers my way please. eusa_pray.gif

I'm looking forward to doing so many things in SWOTVAC (cram before exam week) which is next week. I've decided I will:

1. Go running, everyday (I just ate McD's for dinner, feeling really guilty right now)

2. Cook a healthy meal, every-night (no more noodles, something with those "vegetables" I believe they're called [see guilt above])

3. BPing + AHAing every-night.

4. Play more piano (I miss annoying my roommates with off-key versions of Adele)

5. Study (I think this one is optional)

Ok, all this thinking ahead has made me exhausted *collapses onto bed*.

Good night and stay classy (insert your location here)!


Hmm...five things on your list? I'm sensing a high chance of failure. BUT let me tell you, i'm a bit excited over item number 4. Play more piano. OH GOD, I'm always in awe of people who can play the piano....I think its such a wonderful instrument.... and to pinch a quote from Pride and Prejudice "if I had taken the time to learn to play the piano, I would have been quite proficient".

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Why thank you Resery. I'm always in awe of myself as well! I can play, but I'm not brilliant. Boxing lessons for piano lessons? Ok, deal!

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You have a deal my friend! I shall equally enjoy punching the baby cheeses out of you AND learning intricate piano fingering techniques. Ok, that was an unintentional icky sounding statement. But by deleting and rewriting the statement its like I'm confirming its ickiness. Lets just pretend its not there and move on. Oh look, shiny object!

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Ba ha ha. It's true, I wonder how many boxing pianists exist? They certainly would have strong and articulate fingers. All the better to throttle you with, my dear.

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