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One Week Later



Ok so last week was the week I decided to start eating healthier foods to improve my skin. Unfortunately, I didn't follow my plan. I became extremely unhappy all week about my face because this week was the worst I've ever eaten. I had pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches, subway, soda, chocolate. Chocolate is the worst for my skin. So after seeing my face after eating all this it was 1,000% worse. (By my own hand of course.) So this week I am really going to force myself to not eat all that crap. I have however been drinking soy milk instead of regular milk, but I've had soy milk before so that's not much of an improvement. Anyways I'm going to set this blog page to my homepage so that every morning when I wake up and go on the internet I will see my words of encouragement and my lovely picture of my skin. I don't ever want to feel this way again. Mark my words I am going to defeat acne if it takes my whole life. I want the luxury to wake up and not have to put makeup on. Although, this week has been good in a weird way. Since my face broke out so bad, I couldn't cover most of it with makeup. Actually the makeup made it look worse. So I wore less, and less, and the other day I wiped almost 80% of it off at school. That is a giant improvement for me. I used to not be able to leave the house without makeup on, and a lot of it. I had a lot of scars and red spots that I tried to cover as well as my zits I would get. But this time around there's little to no red spots and more and more of those gross, inflamed, red pimples that you just cant hide. So that helped me to overcome my fear about not wearing makeup. Enough of my useless ramblings now. I will be attempting to update this almost every day to let you know my terrible struggles of eating veggies and such (BLEH!). But, I will at least be posting once a week. It will probably be more than that. Later on tomorrow I'm going to post some stuff that has really helped me clear my skin for the most part so all of y'all can maybe try some out and see if it works for you too! And I will also be posting a picture of my skin and how it's doing this week later on tomorrow or Saturday. I will use my actual camera. Funny thing is I am a photographer and I took a picture to show my skin with Photobooth last week, haha that's sad.


Ugh, it's such a catch-22, because you want to hide your bad skin but in doing so actually make it worse. I notice a huge difference when I abstain from makeup.

Hahaha do you have an aversion to veggies?? And now I seriously need a grilled cheese sandwich; people were talking about them at lunch too!

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I know right! But the makeup actually doesn't do much harm to my skin, most of the damage is done by my eating habits and a hormonal imbalance. Also my dad told me as a teenager he had bad skin too so it's probably that as well, although I'm just entering my 19th year of life so let's hope it just magically disappears. (Wishful thinking.) An aversion to veggies? What do you mean?

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Also forgot to add the reason the makeup doesn't do much is because I use non-comedogenic products and mineral foundation which is called Physician's Choice or something like that. Something that is approved for acne prone skin.

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Hahaha I interpreted that from the line "my terrible struggles of eating veggies and such (BLEH!)" you didn't like veggies ;)

Oooh, is it Physician's Formula?? I've heard that one is good. I've been meaning to buy some to try, because the mineral makeup I have at the moment must have talc or something in it, because it's still clogging my pores. Hmm, i wonder where I can buy it from here, sometimes it's hard to get the same brands Down Under.

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Yes hahah I don't like veggies at all. I'm a really picky eater and dairy is my crutch. I'll just have to force myself and eventually I will adapt to it. Yes Physician's formula is great! I also use Bare Naturale, but that's a couple bucks more expensive. They both work great. They sell them both at Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Stop and Shop, pretty much anywhere with a makeup department. I'm sure it'll be easy to find down under! :)

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