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Hiding Away, For How Long?



I notice myself hiding away from the world with acne. Telling people I have an eye sensitivity which is why sunglasses need to be worn at all times when outside (even when its not sunny) - just so I can hide, Hide away from those stares of disgust. Anyone get them? Those glares, as if you have a third eye in the middle of your forehead - but in fact its probably just a pimple.

I notice that I cant look in the mirror with my contacts/glasses on, I run away from mirrors, or somehow blurr my vision, squint my eyes so I cant see the true me.

I'm hurting - and I truly wish that everyone else that is hurting to gets cured. Acne is a troubling skin problem and I am glad we have a community to share our emotions.

Best of luck everyone with your regimens!

Don't give up.


I've been on Accutane 40mg for 24 days now. I cleared up but now i think im having the inital breakout :( New pimples... I'm soooo sad! I just can't wait for the acne to go away! Let's pray that the Accutane works out well! Good luck!

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Julie, you're luck your on accutane- the derms won't perscribe it, I wish you the best of luck with your regimen. Seeing from all my friends that used accutane, its truly a miracle pill - hang in there :)

Tryingsomethingnew: I'm exactly the same! I begin to love darkness and avoid sunlight - so glad to know someone else feels the same. Makes me feel a lot better, I started to think I was crazy!

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