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A Couple Of Glasses Of Wine, Died Fruit And Several Cheese And Crackers Later... (Day 69)



...And I'm feeling quite relaxed and content. I apologise in advance for any errors. I'll put in photos when I get home.

You know what I love? Seminars. Adore them. You sit down, and hear a few (in this case five) presentations for a couple of hours, and then afterwards? Catering. I love catering. Perhaps it comes from being a student, or maybe it's just a boredom thing, but the whole time in seminars I'm thinking about what food and drinks they might have on offer, and how long till they'll let us get to it.

And this spread was pretty impressive, with a combination of sushi, fresh and dried fruit, heaps of cheeses, cold meats, biscuits and crackers galore, and antipasto. Yum! Oh, and beer and wine (of course. My office doesn't do anything it wasn't people to actually turn up to without offering some beer).

Hmm, so update-wise I have a new pimple on my cheek, which I'm positive is facial karma for the makeup I wore on the weekend to mask my true identity (sometimes I wear the black mask, sometimes makeup). I can't overload it with BP though, my skin is pretty sensitive there, and previous experience has taught me that pasting it on there only irritates it more. Otherwise my skin is okay (not great, but okay), with my back still recovering from the latest couple of outbreaks and still quite scarred. I guess everyone else has this problem as well, but I'm worried I'll never get rid of the scars. I have noticed my chest is looking awesome though, and I totally wore my (comparatively low-cut) Where's Wally shirt today, just because I could! I know my back and shoulders're not perfect, but these days I just look like a normal uni student walking around with a few spots biggrin.png, not the horrible riddled pimp-monster I was before. It's such a great feeling! Of course part of that could be the wine talking, but shhhh wink.png Hehehe.

Speaking of which, I'm hoping to go for another jog tonight, but am feeling pretty relaxed at the moment.


Okay well, now I'm back home and de-wined again. Surprisingly, I did manage to make it for a 5 km jog (I got guilt tricked into it by my friend who gave me Garmy, The Watch), despite the half a kilo of cheese, kilo of fruit and little bit of wine a couple of hours ago. I am yet to christen my route (with the expulsion of stomach due to over-exertion), like so many before me have done. Then I got home, where my housemate had his date over for dinner. In fact that's why I'm writing this; to avoid the "good night" scene, which is one of the most awkward things to spectate. Generally there's at least one person that wants to "stay over", and then there's the kissing thing, and the sexy banter, and- It's just not something you want a third wheel for. Okay I just had to turn on my music to avoid awkward kissing noises, haha! I'm probably just jealous eusa_whistle.gif Hmm... Quiet now, but I can't tell if they've left. I really do not want to walk in on their private moments. Okay housemate has just come to tell me that he's gone. I don't think housemate is thrilled with potential suitor, which is a relief because I think he's pretty annoying (one of those always has to be right about everything kind of people, that can't take the hint everyone else is annoyed with them because they all just want to have a casual discussion).

Still having technical issues (ID10T User Error detected) with The Watch; after getting instructions again on how to operate the bloody thing, I manage to correctly start the timer and heart-monitor side of things, but lose the distance and speed recorder thing. Ugh! How annoying. One day I'll get it, one day...

I'm now attaching photos of my clean workspace, as promised, and offering up a bonus photo of the amazingly unique environment that is my office. As you can see here, we're not numbers, we're people. Bahaha! Ah well, I personalise my desk to simulate being on a tropical beach overlooking crystal clear waters, volcanoes, and beaches... You know, just minus the sand...

blogentry-157837-0-46681800-1319722416_t blogentry-157837-0-07713600-1319722502_t

The next photos are me grumpy with the latest additions (yesterday); and then today, in my Where's Wally shirt that I haven't been able to wear for months, because of my chest. Still leaning towards getting the DK Regime, for when my prescriptions (Epiduo and Doxy) expire. Partly because of the success of some unnamed person with perfect eyebrows wub.png


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And don't you just pull off the 'where's Wally singlet with a certain style and flair!" And not a pimp to be seen....

Speaking of no pimps to be seen, your skin looks pretty damn clear to me girl. Are the photos being kind (in which case you also will need to do a 'bathroom light shining directly onto face, take photo from two cms away' shot) or are you starting to become super picky! [ooooh, i just heard my phone viber me. I wonder who that could be! ;)]

And personally I too am a big fan of catered seminars and conferences, but the downside is the 'chit chatting' with strangers while eating. I would love to just stand at the buffet table and use the whole thing as my plate, rather than taking a dainty few items, go and chat to a complete stranger "oh yes, the second speaker certainly seemed to know what she was talking about blah blah" and then ditching them to go and get a second dainty plate with a few morsels and then having to go chit chat to a completely new person who doesnt know this is my second plate, or third or...you get the picture. Same as you? Yup, thought so.

And impressive tidy desk...quite a difference to your last photo. Where is all the crap? on the floor out of photo range isnt it? Oh and I particularly found the bottle of kikkoman soy sauce on the shelf very impressive. I'm sure its something that every work desk shouldn't be without.

And lastly the title which included the tit bit 'died fruit' truly intrigued me, but after reading the blog entry and realising it should have read dried fruit, I feel strangely let down. Let down I tell you.....

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I totally think I do Where's Wally well (haha!). In fact I've been thinking of rocking it for halloween. Think about it; I could carry around a wooden cane and smack all the annoying lowly undergrads with my cane when they get in my way. That would be pimpin'!

And then I would get to wear glasses for a day, and whinge about it (like people with glasses always do), before talking about how difficult it was to find ones that suited my face, and how they cost a small fortune, and how I have to get a "special prescription" because one eye is only slightly cross-eyed but the other suffers from goldfish protruding-eye syndrome*, and how my glasses are a difficult-to-find limited edition elephant-skin frame (like people with glasses always do).

Nooo, don't make me do the hideous ugly lights picture! Although it is probably about time I put something deeply embarrassing on here again, I'm quite overdue.

Oh man, the chit-chatting is so annoying. Generally I find if you get in super fast, you can shovel heaps of food into your cheeks like a squirrel (or onto a plate if you're that way inclined), and then scram out of the crush before others get there. Then you go and find the hungriest-looking person in the room, then sit with them. Because then you're still "networking", but you both have the same priority hierarchy; the Homer Simpson "Can't talk- eating" approach.

I know, isn't it just? I managed to do a combination of filing of most of my papers in a neatly-labelled filing system that took up a satisfying couple of hours of my day, with the shove-in-a-box-next-to-my-desk for the remaining gear, which I need to buy proper folders for, like the annoying journal articles / reports which are a thousand pages long. Okay, okay there is one (or maybe two) boxes on the floor, but that's it, I swear! I've been told I have an unhealthy obsession with soy sauce. It could be something to do with the fact that I "drowned" (their words not mine, I prefer "dashed") my stir fry with it one day, and then proceeded to finish the little bit that was left over in the bottle... by itself... Mmmm deliciously salty goodness.

Dammit! I totally missed the died fruit! If I'd known I would've made a much more witty remark ("this fruit died for you, vegans!")! What a wasted opportunity. If there's something I love doing it's making my vegan friends guilty, hehehe.

*I don't have glasses but I imagine these are the kind of ailments they're used to treat.

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Me thinks I'll have to go to a conference, especially next time I'm broke. Smile, nod and shovel food down. Even I can multi-task those things.

I can officially add: works in an office with a world map and 2011 calendars, wears Where's Wally t-shirt, has teeth, to my database. Or maybe I could just hack your giant GPS tracking device that you conveniently wear while running...mu ha ha ha.

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Multi-tasking those things at a conference is a necessary skill. That, along with managing to drink enough coffee to keep you awake through the boring talks, despite having to balance and drink from those teeny-tiny cups and saucers.

....Is this the time when I admit to already finding you on Facebook?

And the GPS tracking device will only be useful to find me when I manage to work out how to actually use the bloody thing! :/

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And by the way, yes I do have teeth... all of them, in fact (*smug*). That might be hard to comprehend for someone who frequents The Boundo.

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