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Its Been A Little While....



Ok, so I feel a bit behind with my postings, could be a good/bad thing! Ok so I've realized that I get my worse breakouts the week or so AFTER my period (so when I'm ovulating.....SORRY if that was TMI).

As a 'face' update, well it has also been up and down. My acne that i am getting isn't as bad as it use to be, and I rarely if ever get cysts rolleyes.gif . I still get a few 'harded sebum' acne, mainly around my jaw & temples/upper cheek. So compared to what it use to be, I really cannot complain. Also I don't even notice too much when my make up wears off of the end of the day, so that makes me happy also!

Alright, so I also figured out a few things! I feel so dumb. But while I was showering recently, and letting the conditioner soak on my hair, I decided to read the label on my face wash (which I should have done when I bought it eusa_doh.gif) and I come to find out that I'm suppose to let my face wash sit on my face for 1 - 2 mintues! OOPS! That is something that I have not been doing! I have never let a wash sit on my face to soak in for that long! So I have started to do that, and hoping it will help out even more!

Second thing, I have finally figured out who to apply my face lotion without having a 'sticky-ness' left on my face after application. I needed to use a little bit less, and to massage it into my face for a longer period of them than before. Ugh, I feel like i'm a newb at face washing! comfort.gif

Ok, well that is all I got for now, thanks for reading who ever is out there!

" Dear life, when I said 'Can my day get any worse' it was a rhetorical question not a challenge" Will Ferrell


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